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Odesa Region ()
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 the proper licenses). 

Commercial banks in Ukraine are incorporated, registered and licensed
according to the NBU regulations issued in April 1996. The regulations
allow citizens and foreigners to establish commercial banks as joint
stock companies or limited partnerships. Each foreign partners
participation in a commercial bank is limited to no more than 35% of the
banks operating fund. The new regulations also allow Ukrainian
commercial banks to open affiliate offices in foreign countries after
obtaining an NBU license. 


Transport plays a leading role in the economy of Odessa region.
Transport companies share 25% of the main funds, the branch provides
employment for 15% of working population. Last year transport companies
balance profits constituted 47% of balance profits of all economy
branches in the region. 

The routes of 5 important international transport corridors pass through
Odessa Regions territory, 4 of which are crossing sea ports of the
region: Cretan #7 (by water along Danube),Cretan #9 ,Baltic Sea  Black
Sea, OBSEC Black Sea transport circle, TRACECA
(TransportCorridorEurope-Caucasus-Asia). In 1996 the international ferry
crossing Illichivsk  Poti (Batumi) was opened; this ferry crossing is a
part of the transport corridor TRACECA. 

Sea and river transport are represented by the State shipping company
Black Sea Shipping, open shareholders company Ukrainian Danube
Shipping, shipping companies Ukrferry and Ukrtanker, eight sea
trade ports: Odesa, Illichivsk, Bilgorod-Dnistrovsky, Izmail, Reni,
Ust-Dunaisk, Illichivsk fishing port. 

In general, the amount of cargos transported by the fleet of shipping
companies of the region in 2002 had increased by 10,6% (5,6 mln tons)
comparing to 2001, cargo turnover  by 5 % (6,9 mln tkm), and passengers
turnover  by 74,1% (61,3 thousand pass.). 

Ports of the Region

The biggest ports are Odesa port, Illichivsk port and port Yuzhny,
through which annually over 60 mln tons of cargoes are reloaded.

Odesa port has 38 moorings with the total length of 8,0 km and receives
vessels with the draft of 13,5 meters, an oil harbor, through which 25
mln tons of oil products can be annually reloaded. 

Illichivsk port has 28 moorings with the length of 5,6 km and receives
vessels with the draft of up to 13 meters. 

Port Yuzhny has 8 moorings with the total length of 2,5 km and receives
vessels with the draft of up to 13 meters. 

The growing importance of the port Yuzhny among other Ukrainian ports is
determined by the favorable geographic location, access to Mediterannean
sea region, relative proximity to main sources of cargo, convenient
transport connection with the main railways, all-year navigation and the
possibilities of receiving modern large-tonnage fleet, which allows to
create on the Black Sea the single deep-water port for the vessels with
tonnage upto 150 thousand tons. 

Bilgorod-Dnistrovsk port has 9 cargo moorings (total length  1,1 km).
Because of small depth, the port can receive vessels with D.W. upto 5
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