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НазваOdesa Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
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Тип документуРеферат
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s, it has been

twinned with the greatest number of cities around the world (17):

Alexandria (Egypt), Baltimore (USA), Calcutta (India), Genoa (Italy),

Haifa (Israel), Liverpool (Great Britain), Marseilles (France), Oulu

(Finland), Tripoli (Libya), Valencia (Spain), Vancouver (Canada),

Yokohama (Japan) and others.


Odessa is constantly hosting exhibits, symposia, and conferences. It is

the site of consulates and trade commissions of many countries, and

dozens of branches of friendship and cultural exchange societies are

active in the city.


Many roads lead to Odessa, for this city is hospitable, cheerful, and

picturesque. Every year many tourists visit Odessa, attracted by its

boulevards and Potyomkinsky stairs, beautiful beaches, numerous new

structures and the unusual architecture of old Odessa.




Odessa region consists of 26 rural districts, with 19 cities, 33 towns,

and 1,139 villages. On January 1, 2003, the population was 2,448,200



Odessa region has a much more mixed population in terms of nationality,

compared to other regions in Ukraine. 133 nationalities reside here, and

non-Ukrainian inhabitants make up more than 37% of the regional

population. The main national groups are: Ukrainians (62.8%), Russians

(20.7%), Bulgarians (6.1%), Moldovians (5.0%), Jews (0.6%), Gagausians

(1.1%), Belorussians (0.5%), Poles (0.1%), Armenians (0.3%), Gypsies

(0.2%), Tatars (0.1%), and Germans (0.1%). The greatest diversity in the

national composition is observed in the South-Western part of the region

between the Dniester and the Danube, where only 40.2% are Ukrainians.




The Odessa Region is considered as one of the most advanced regions of

Ukraine obtaining foreign investments of different kinds; the total sum

of the above mentioned investments is US $ 325.7 millions, the main part

of this sum are the direct foreign investments – US $ 289.3 millions

(88.8 % of total value), which are invested into 562 regional



Portfolio investments (35 enterprises) are US $ 5 millions (1.5 %),

other foreign investments (14enterprises) are provided as financial

leasing, cash currency short, and long-term loans – US $ 31.4 millions

(9.7 %).


79 enterprises of Odessa Region obtained in 2002 investments of sum US $

91.1 millions. It makes 1.6 times more as compared in 2001.

Simultaneously US $ 29.6 millions have been taken off.


In general the value of foreign investments to the regional economics

increased in 2002 by US $ 61.5 millions; it makes 1.8 more as compared

with 2001 (US $ 33.5 millions). The main methods of making investments

in 2002 were equipment and real estate (US $ 27.3 million) plus finance

payments (US $ 36.5 millions).


Today the founders of regional foreign investment enterprises are

companies from 63 foreign countries. The leading position of foreign

direct investments to regional economy hold Virgin Irelands (Great

Britain) – US $ 62.4 millions (it makes 21.6 % of total direct

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