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НазваOdesa Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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ee) economic zone “Reni”. 

Priority types of economic activity: servicing of transits, their
storage, grading and assortment work, packing, revision, rendering
transport-forwarding and agent’s services. 

Privileges granted to investors:

- special custom regime;

- income tax rate obtained from investment project realization – 20%;

- exemption from investment tax: the investment sum obtained in
accordance with the investment project is exempted from taxation;

- earnings in foreign currency are exempted from compulsory sale. 

Special conditions in which investors receive privileges: realization of
investment projects established on the territory of “Reni” SEZ by legal
entities at the estimated costs not less then usd 200,000 on the ground
of the agreement (contract) with the executive committee of the Reni
town council. 


Odessa region is one of the leading regions of Ukraine due to its
tourism-recreation potential. Its geographical location, advanced
transport infrastructure, mild climate, warm sea with many sand beaches,
numerous cultural, historical, architectural, wild life sites, curative
mud and mineral water recourses create appropriate conditions for
effective development of the tourist-recreation sector. 

Peculiarity of tourism-recreation potential in Odessa Region is its
multinational, the numerous of historical, architectural and cultural
sites. These are a well known all over the world Odessa State Theater of
Opera and Ballet, Potyomkinskaya stairs, the Ukrainian Venice – Vilkovo
town, the fortress in Belgorod-Dnistrovsk town (the settlement is to
celebrate the 2500th anniversary this year), the ruins of the antic
cities Tira and Nikoniya, architectural monuments in Odesa, Izmail,
Reni, Kiliya and a many other places of interest. 

There are 92 wild life reserve zones, including Danube biosphere
preserve, Danube and Dniestr wetlands, landscape park “Tiligulskiy”,
botanic garden of Odessa National University, 19 national parks and etc.

There are 704 objects for tourists reception in tourism-recreation
centers of Odessa region including 43 sanatoria, 46 children camps, 37
hotels, 578 guest-houses, in which more than 100 000 visitors can be
accommodated at the same time. They include unique “Kuyalnik” mud
resort, “Ukraine”, “Lermontovskiy”, “A. Gorky” sanatoria and etc. 

There are 498 facilities, which have license to permit tourist activity.

Tourism is one of Ukraine's fastest growing industries. It has become
one of the key factors driving the Ukrainian economy. The results
achieved by the country for the last few years have placed Ukraine in
the top 25 most visited countries in the world. 

Ukraine joined the World Tourism Organization in 1998. The head of the
State Tourism Committee of Ukraine was elected a member of the World
Tourism Organization Executive Council in 1999. 

Odessa is known all over the world. The geographic location, rich
cultural heritage and rapidly growing business life have made Odessa the
second most visited by foreigners Ukrainian city after Kiev. It has a
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