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НазваOdesa Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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econd most visited by foreigners Ukrainian city after Kiev. It has a

developed infrastructure. The natural recreational resources of the

Region are its sea-side climate, sandy beaches, curative mud, estuary

salt water and mineral springs. Odessa Region ranks third after the

republic of Crimea and the Lviv region, in terms of natural curative

resources and health recreational facilities.


Nowadays Odessa Region offers diverse recreactional and entertainment

facilities (more than 700 sanatoria, hotels, camp sites etc.). There are

37 hotels in Odessa Region – 'Odessa', 'Mozart', 'Londonskaya' and

'Arcadia Plaza' being the most famous among them.International market.


In 2002, around 659,200 tourists travelled to or within Odessa Region,

of which 174,000 were foreigners. The majority of the foreign tourists

came from Russia, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Belorus, Poland and Turkey.

Some 15-20 % of the foreign visitors came to Odessa Region for business

and others visited the region for pleasure of which approximately 50,000

arrived by cruise ships (about 60% of the total amount of tourists in

the Region).


The Black Sea and the Danube cruises have always been popular among

foreign tourists. International cruise passenger liners enter the region

by river (Dnipro or Danube) or by sea. During the cruising season from

May till October an average of 70-80,000 tourists per year visit Odessa.

The passengers come mainly from Germany, Italy, France, Holland,

Switzerland, Poland, Hungary.


In 2002 total turnover of all tourist services in the region amounted to

UAH 174,4 mln.


Active tourism


Sports activities such as hiking, horse riding and cycling as well as

water based sports such as rowing and canoeing are often nature based.

However, these activities are hardly offered on a professional basis and

facilities are not yet available or are of a low standard. Initial

target groups for active tourism are local residents or people from

other regions of Ukraine. Foreigners are not yet a target group to be

attracted, the facilities have to be considerably improved.


Zatoka and Karolino-Bugas


The Zatoka and Karolino-Bugas resorts have 178 holiday camps – the

highest concentration in Odessa Region. A holiday camp or base is

comprised of a large number of cottages, or apartments that are rented

out on a daily or weekly basis. Next to holiday camps the area has many

private dachas owned by the city dwellers.




Vilkovo situated within the Danube Delta provides the major point of

entrance to the Danube delta area. Vilkovo is unique in both historical

and ethno-cultural terms. Now a town with the population of 12,000 , it

was established in the first half of the 18th century by the so-called

Lipovanians or Old Believers, adherents of a faction of the Russian

Orthodox church which was officially banned in 1750. They had escaped

from persecution and settled in this area to build a new life as hunters

and fishermen. Until today, the Lipovanians represent the majority of

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