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НазваOdesa Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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ority of

the population of Vilkovo. They have kept alive many of their religious

traditions, which explains for the fairly large number of well-kept

churches with beautiful ancient icons covering their interiors. During

the two and a half centuries of its existence, numerous nations, empires

and regimes, such as Turkey, Russia, Romania, USSR, Germany and Ukraine

ruled Vilkovo. The Danube Biosphere Reservation was established as the

fourth UNESCO biosphere reservation in Ukraine. The reservation evolved

from the former Dunaisky Plavni Nature Reservation and was linked with

the already existing Romanian Danube Man and the Biosphere Reservation.

The Danube Biosphere Reservation is one of the four biosphere

reservations in Ukraine, being the only one of its kind in Odessa

Region. Its area is 46,400 hectars. Up 20,000 foreign tourists visit

Ukrainian sector of the Danube Delta.


Hunting and fishing


In the surroundings of Odessa one can find plenty of wetland areas,

which are used for recreation activities by the Odessa dwellers, such as

fishing, boating and hunting. Most of the activities take place in a

rather disorganized manner, as not many facilities are available.


Hunting and fishing are already popular recreation activities for local

residents. Special hunting areas have been designated in Odessa Region.

Hunting trips could be interesting fornewesterners as hunting grounds in

the west are scarce and hunting is becoming more and more restricted.

Recreational fishing in the wetlands around Odessa is already a popular

activity for the city residents.




The industry of Odessa Region has always been an important element of

Ukrainian national economy and Southern economic Region. There are

enterprises of oil refinery, machine building, machine repair mounting,

metallurgy and metalworking, chemical, food, light industry and other



A special place is occupied by the machine-building complex, which

comprises about 110 industrial enterprises, 10 of them are included into

the list of enterprises of strategic importance (joint stock companies

"Odeskabel", producing blacksmith and press machines "Pressmash", plant

of precision tool-machines "Micron" and others). A lot of machine

building enterprises in the region have unique technologies.


JSC "Odeskabel" cooperates with the representatives of Japanese

telecommunication company "Fudjekura I Kanematsu Corp."


JSC "Odmez" produces equipment for dairy, canning and wine-making

industry. The equipment for flour-grinding, bakery and dairy industry is

the basic production of "Prodmash" plant. JSC "Odessilmash" supplies the

farmers with modern agricultural machinery.


Road-building machinery construction is represented by JSC

"Building-processing machines' plant (pneumatic-equipment for cables

laying, oil and gas pipe lines, pneumatic parquet polishing machines).


Production of automobile transport components, chassis for automobiles,

trailers and long vehicles is represented by JSC "Automobile assembly

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