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НазваOdesa Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
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tomobile assembly

plant", "Trailer-refrigerator", trams of new generation of JV

"Tatra-South". The branches of machine-building complex include

agricultural machinery and equipment repair plants; tool-machine repair;

production of metal reinforcement and equipment for construction

purposes etc.


The effective use of the capacities of shipbuilding and ship-repairing

yards in Odessa region is increasing nowadays. Kiilya ship-building and

repair yard produces grain-carts, barges, barges container carts.


"Ukraine" Ship repair yard cooperates with Bulgarian enterprises, as

well as with Syrian, Greek, German ship owners. Izmail ship repair yard

repairs barges for the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company.


Food and food processing industries play an important role in the

structure of goods production.


Construction materials plants produce bricks, natural wall materials,

ferrous-concrete items and constructions. These producers rely on local

raw materials.




Agriculture is one of the basic economy branches (according to

production volume and employment of labor resources). Namely, 35 % of

the population and over a half of production funds are engaged in it. 42

% of the Gross Domestic Product and 80 % of the consumer’s goods are

produced in the sector.


Territory of the Region is 3,331,300 hectares, including 2594,5,00

hectares (78%) of agricultural land, of which 2076,5.00 hectares (80%)

is arable land, 19,900 hectares (0,9 %) – convulsions, 90,700 hectares

(4,4%) – perennial plantations, 50,600 hectares (2,4%) – hay-mowing,

356,800 hectares (17,2%) – pasture land.


The gross yield of agricultural production of Odessa Region as compared

with the total national production exceeds 5,3%, grain 7,5%, sunflower –

8,1%, vine – 45,5 %, meat – 4,5%, milk – 4,8%, eggs – 6,3%.


483 collective farms have been transformed into 934 cooperative

agricultural farms, 15,4% of which are private enterprises, agricultural

companies – 31,2%, agricultural cooperatives – 29,2%, individual farms –

20,8%, other agricultural entities – 3,4%.


The basic branches of agricultural production in the Region are grain,

sunflower and wine-growing, live-stock breeding, poultry and



The structure of agricultural gross output includes: grain – 29,9%,

technical crops – 5,9%, sunflower – 4,1%, meat – 15,9%, milk – 13,3%,

vegetables – 10,1%.




The Ukrainian banking system consists of the National Bank of Ukraine

(NBU) and commercial banks of various types. The NBU is present in

Odessa Region by its branch offices.


The NBU is responsible for monetary circulation, registration of

commercial banks and supervision of their activities; it sometimes

intervenes in the currency market to moderate changes in the exchange



Presently, commercial banks in Ukraine are able to issue loans, process

and guarantee payments, accept deposits, offer factoring and leasing

services, conduct foreign currency transactions and offer consulting

services (with the proper licenses).

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