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НазваPoltava Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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	Poltava region is one of the leading regions of Ukraine according to
the majority of indexes. 

Since the creation of Poltava guberniya (province) in 1802, our region
developed as a complex. Economically, in XVII-XIX centuries, this
territory was the centre of chumachestvo, which played a significant
role during initial accumulation of the capital. 


ХІХ century Poltava region becomes one of the significant centres of
zemskoye movement, which and today can be an example of


In the beginning of the ХХ century the region was repeatedly shaken with
peasants rebellions and the ardent word of the defender of human rights
Vladimir Korolenko was united with revolutionary and national appeals of
many outstanding public figures. 

The contribution of people, born in Poltava region, in the treasury of
national and world culture is invaluable. Poltava region is the native
land of the philosopher of world fame – Hrihoriy Skovoroda, of the
founder of the Ukrainian literature Ivan Kotlyarevskiy, and of many
other figures of science and culture. 


ХХ century Poltava region gave Ukraine the pioneer of the rocket theory
and rocket building Uriy Kondratuk, designers of rocket machinery Uriy
Pobedonostev and designer of tanks Mikola Dukhov, writers and poets Оles
Honchar, Uriy Dold-Mikhailik, Pavlo Zagrebelniy, Vasyl Simonenko,
Olexandre Коvinka, composers brothers Маiboroda, Isaac Dunaevskiy,
Olexandre Bilash and many other outstanding figures. 


The size of its territory, 28,8 puts Poltava region in the
seventh place in Ukraine, it exceeds territories of more than 50 states
of the world, it shares borders with Chernihiv region and Sumy region in
the north , with Kharkiv region in the east , with Dnipropetrovsk region
and Kirovohrad region in the south, with Kyiv and Cherkassy regions in
the west. 


The population of Poltava region is 1.609 thousand people, as of the
beginning of the year 2001. Caracteristically, 41 percent of the
population live in villages. 


The administrative structure of the region comprises 25 districts, 5
cities of the regional submission, 10 cities of district submission, 21
settlements, 467 village councils, in total there are – 1848 cities,
towns, villages and settlements. 


The region is situated in forest and steppe zone. Forests cover 7.4 % of
the territory; soils are – mainly chernozem (blackearth). 


The regional centre – the city of Poltava, there live 315 thousand


Коmsomolsk – 54,4, Мirhorоd – 42,4 thousand people. 


Economic potential 

Poltava region is known by the production of iron ore, the production
and processing of oil and gas, manufacture of lorries, diamond tools,
turbines, knitted wear, leather footwear, refined clothes, grains,
sugar, vegetable oil, confectionery products and the like. Mineral water
from Мirhorod district is loved in all country. Agricultural production
of the region is consumed in Ukraine, and is exported. 


5 percent of industrial and agricultural production of Ukraine region.
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