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НазваPoltava Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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ent of industrial and agricultural production of Ukraine region.
The significant part of produced in Poltava goods is exported. 


Кremenchuk holding company "АvtoKraz"; besides, 18,6 % of all made in
Ukraine electric motors, about 8% of machine tools come from the region,
and one third of ukrainian crude oil is processed in region. 


Further social and economic development of the region needs to further
the development of engineering industry, metal-working industry,
electrical engineering industry, instrument-making industry, light
industry, food industry, oil and gas refining industry. 


Particular importance is attached to the introduction of environment
friendly production technologies. 


Poltava region state administration worked out a number of programs and
already implemented some of them. Programs are: program for development
of private business undertakings, for the development of the fuel
sector, program of optimum use of available energy supply sources, for
the development of farm production, foreign investment program, etc. 


Main industrial centers of the region 

The city of Poltava and the city of Kremenchuk are industrial centers
where is concentrated over 70% of commodity production of the region.
Kremenchuk leads in engineering industry, especially in transport
machinery industry, in power engineering industry and fuel industry. 


Engineering industry, food industry, light industry and production of
construction materials characterize the city of Poltava 


The city of Komsomolsk scored marked successes in strategic planning, in
resolving problems in health protection and in municipal sphere. The
city of Mirhorod gradually becomes a health resort of european level. 





397 industrial enterprises on independent balance operate today in the
region. 1211 enterprises and organizations are engaged in industrial
production in the region in total. 


Food-processing industry and processing of agricultural products

Food industry and agricultural products processing industry of the
region unite 133 enterprises. Meat, milk processing, sugar, backing,
fruits and vegetables canning, alcohol branches, distilleries,
breweries, production of soft drinks, confectioneries, represent them.
Food industry and agricultural products processing industry production
amounts to about 19 % of the regional industrial production. The volume
of production in the food industry puts the region in 8-9 place in
Ukraine, and the level of production per inhabitant in the industry is
higher than average national one. 


Over 60% of food industry production comes from enterprises of meat,
sugar, dairy, baking and confectionery industries. Among leading
enterprises in the food industry are: 11 sugar-mills, 2 confectioneries,
7 dairy factories, 4 cheese-making factories, 3 milk canneries, 3
oil-mills, 3 alcohol factories, 2 distilleries, 2 breweries, and a
number of enterprises of baking, milling and cereal branches. 
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