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НазваPoltava Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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gas processing


Close joint stock company of the transnational financial and industrial

company «Ukrtatnafta» – Kremenchuk oil-processing plant – is one of the

biggest oil-processing plants of Ukraine.Its main commodities are


? car petrols and diesel fuels;


? engine, industrial, and transmission lubricants;


? road and construction bitumens, furnace mazuts;


? gas for communal needs;


? technical sulphur.




In total, the plant produces more than 80 types of oil-related products.











The agriculture is the base of the industrial and agricultural complex.

It is characterized by developed production of grains, milk, and

industrial crops.




Farms have been reformed on the basis of reforming types of

ownership.640 enterprises of different ownerships operate in the

industrial complex today. Nearly 2 mn. hectares of land are used for

agricultural production, 1,5 mn. of it is arable land. Soil is mainly

chernozem; it covers 90% of land. Farmers of the region grow more than

20 types of cereals, rear 8 kinds of animals and poultry.




The number of private farms grows in last years. 87,3 ths. hectares of

agricultural holdings are assigned to them.84,7 ths. hectares of it are

arable land.57,4 hectares of arable land are assigned to a farm on an

average. Every year farmers gain experience in commodities production.

Stock-breeding is a traditional branch in Poltava region. There are

508,6 thousand cattle, 230,8 thousand cows included, nearly 411 thousand

pigs and 69 thousand goats and sheeps, about 6 mn. poultry in all types

of farms (private sector included). There is one of the biggest pedigree

bases of Ukraine in Poltava region.30 farms of pedigree cattle and 35

breeding farms for pigs of white and of Mirhorod breeds. Stud-horse

breeding is in ascent. Horses from Dybrova stud farm are known by its

records in foreign countries.










Every year in the region new industrial capacities are put into

operation, new installations of social sphere are built, new

installations of gas are laid, cities, towns and villages improvements

are carried out, as well as building and repairs of roads.




Building branch of the region is represented by 250 building companies

and 10 managing organisations, 22,8 thousand people work in the branch.




Among building companies there are 187 (72%) companies of collective

ownership, 40 companies (15,4%) of state ownership and 18 (6,9%) of

private ownership.




The following programmes have been worked out in the region: Chernobyl

building programme, regional programme for house-building, programme for

completion of school-building and for installation of gas in village

schools, if there are gas deposits, programme for reconstruction of

blocks of flats of first mass series, and programme for completion of

construction of unfinished installations. Programmes are implemented on

the basis of real financial resources.




Particular attention in the work of the regional building complex is

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