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НазваPoltava Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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g organisations, 22,8 thousand people work in the branch.




Among building companies there are 187 (72%) companies of collective

ownership, 40 companies (15,4%) of state ownership and 18 (6,9%) of

private ownership.




The following programmes have been worked out in the region: Chernobyl

building programme, regional programme for house-building, programme for

completion of school-building and for installation of gas in village

schools, if there are gas deposits, programme for reconstruction of

blocks of flats of first mass series, and programme for completion of

construction of unfinished installations. Programmes are implemented on

the basis of real financial resources.




Particular attention in the work of the regional building complex is

given to house building. The following state programmes are being

implemented in the region: “Development of house-building for the

youth”, “Your own house” on the basis of the state preferential

long-term credits, and “Dwelling for servicemen” on the basis of

investment and 1,5% deductions from profit tax.




The programme for preservation and use of architecture monuments and

historical cities of Poltava region envisage the rebirth of architecture

monuments which were lost in 1930s and the restoration of the remained

ones. The implementation of this programme needs much investment.




40 specialized industrial enterprises and about 250 small enterprises

produce building matertials in Poltava region.




At the enterprises of the region there are capacities for production of



? wall materials – 521,8 mn. bricks;


? рre-fabricated ferro-concrete structures – 840,5 thousand cubic



? large-panel structures – 200,1 thousand square metres;


? joiner made goods – 304,3 thousand square metres;


? saw-timber – 111,4 thousand cubic metres;


? non-ore building materials – 8803,3 thousand cubic metres;


? porous fillers – 140,7 thousand cubic metres;


? heat-insulating materials (foam-plastics and mineral and wadding) – 20

thousand cubic metres.






There are 6650 small businesses in the region. There work 56,6 thousand

people. Besides that, there are 48,1 thousand registered natural

persons-subjects of business activities.




42% of all small businesses are situated in Poltava, 26% are in





Small business is developing mainly in the following sectors: commerce

and public catering (53%), industry (13%) and building (10%).




Small businesses have the highest profitability in the fields of

material, technical supply and sales, commerce and public catering.38

information and consulting institutions, 21 investment companies, 76

financial and credit institutions (22 credit unions included), 14

business centre, 2 business incubator, 4 foundations supporting private

business undertakings form the infrastructure that was created in order

to support small business and secure it further development.45 public

small business organisations and associations become more and more

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