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НазваPoltava Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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rganisations and associations become more and more











The analysis of dynamics of foreign trade turnover shows a steady

increase of export and of positive balance from 1999,it`s indicative of

positive processes in the foreign trade of the region. The processes are

caused by the growth of regional production and by the increase of

export potential of the region.




The region’s foreign economic turn-over of works, commodities, and

services of the year 2002 totals USD 1176,5 mn. Export of works,

commodities, and services totals USD 873,2 mn., import – USD 303,3 mn.




Top regional export articles are still mineral products, surface

vehicles, machinery, electrical engines, base metals and products made

of base metals.




Direct foreign investment in enterprises of Poltava region totals USD

155,9 mn., as of January 1, 2003.




Geographical structure of foreign investment is formed under influence

of two interdependent factors. The depth of foreign economic relations

determines one the one hand, its development with traditional partners

(CIS countries with a predominance of Russia, some West-European

countries), on the other hand – by the need of diversity, especially, of

international investment activity. The biggest investors are our

partners from Russian Federation (66,9% of total investment), Cyprus

(6,5%), Netherlands (6,2%), USA (6,1%), Canada (3,%). 151 enterprises of

the region received investment as of January1, 2002. The analysis of the

investment activity shows that Poltava region is still attractive for

foreign investors. There are grounds for the increase of investment,

taking into consideration the regional developed industry, its powerful

agro-industrial and oil-gas extracting complex, highly skilled

specialists, basic infrastructure and advantageous geographical





Priority fields for investment: processing industry, machine-building

and metal-working enterprises, construction materials industry, fuel

industry, housing and communal services, and protection of environment.










Education branch of the region is under reform. In last years it did not

have losses, it kept it educational institutions. Educational

institutions of new type have been created: 5 gymnasiums, 8 Lyceums, 48

teaching and educational complexes. Regional program for development of

general secondary education for 1999 – 2012 is worked out. Great

importance is attached to the development of village schools.

Universities and academies have been created on the base of former

institutes. The potential of 30 state higher educational institutions

was increased in this way. The change of status contributed to the

increase of professions, which are taught (40 in total).




Higher educational institutions


Seven state educational institutions of III-IV level of accreditation

operate in the region. There are three universities among them: Poltava

state pedagogical university V.Korolenko, Kremenchuk state polytechnic

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