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НазваPoltava Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Korolenko, Kremenchuk state polytechnic

university, Poltava state technical university U.Kondratuk and Ukranian

medical stomatological academy. Poltava state technical university

U.Kondratuk a teaching and scientific center for training specialists in

following fields: construction, economics, architecture, ecology and

engineering. More than 4 thousand students acquire 27 professions and

specializations in 7 departments there. Ukrainian medical somatological

academy opened in 1931 as odontology department of Kharkiv medical

institute. In 1967 a stomatological institute was transferred to

Poltava, and a medical department was opened on its base in 1971. In

1994 Poltava medical stomatological institute received the highest IV

level of accreditation and the status of Ukrainian medical

stomatological academy.3200 students study in stomatological, medical,

hospital nurse and dental technician departments.426 lecturers work

there. There 5 departments in Poltava state agricultural institute.

About 4000 students study there.




16950 students study in 22 higher educational institutions of I-II level

of accreditation. About 3 000 lecturers train junior specialists for

medicine, education, culture, agriculture, trade, food and transport





International relations of Poltava higher educational institutions grow.

Today in Poltava there are students from Russia, Latvia, Poland, Czech

republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, France, Germany, Denmark, Canada,

USA and China.








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??????????????????????$??-?286 of the institutions belong to the system

of the Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine. The others 431

belong to different departments.




Pre-school institutions differ by form, content and type. In particular,

there are kindergardens with the following orietations: aesthetic and

artistic, the humanities, and health improvement.




941 state educational institutions operate in the region (741 in rural

area). 217 000 pupils study there (89 900 in rural area). There are 168

primary schools. 2 900 pupils study there. There are 455 schools

providing complete general secondary education of I-III level.186 300

pupils study there.




19 boarding schools operate in the region for children in need of social





Great attention is attached to the educational institutions of new

type.5 gymnasiums, 5 lyceums of arts, 30 teaching and educational

complexes operate today in the region. There are 111 schools with deep

studies of certain subjects. Language regime in teaching and educational

institutions is, basically, in compliance with national structure of the

regional population. There are 896 secondary schools with Ukrainian

language of education, 39 with ukranian and russian languages and 6 with

russian language.3 private educational institutions operate in Poltava

and 4 in Kremenchuk.




Vocational training schools


120 professions are taught in regional vocational training schools for

all branches of national economy.8 vocational training school assure

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