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НазваPoltava Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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anches of national economy.8 vocational training school assure

training of specialists for machine-building industry, 8 – for

construction industry, 7 – for agriculture, 1 – for railway transport,

17 rural and 6 city schools – for motor transport, 7 – for consumer

services. There are vocational training schools of new type: a higher

vocational training school №7 in Kremenchuk, inter-regional center of

professional training for servicemen who have been transferred to the

reserve in Khorol and art vocational training school №28 in











Poltava region has considerable potential for development of touring and

recreation facilities.




The region has not suffered from Chernobyl disaster. There are all

favourable nature and climate grounds for the development of touring and

recreation facilities: forests, considerable number of rivers and lakes,

and picturesque landscapes.




There are many mineral springs, which contain biologically active

substances in Poltava region. Many operating health centers and holiday

homes are situated at such springs.




There are many hunting areas in the region. Controled wolf-hunting,

hare-hunting, wild duck hunting, elk-hunting, deer-hunting, wild boar

hunting, roe hunting and foxhunting are permited.




3 touring and excursion enterprises and their 7 agencies, 44 touring

firms operate in the region.




Measures have been worked out to promote historical and cultural values

of Poltava region. New itineraries of national system “Neclace of

Slavutich”, “By chumak routes of Poltava region”, “Chimes of Cathedral”

and teaching, health improving and cognitive itinerary “Ecological path”

have been worked out on the base of these measures.




Rural touring (green touring) becomes more and more popular in Poltava

region. 39 stadiums, 15 swimming pools, 700 gyms, 364 shooting galleries

are at disposal of the population.




There is a developed transport infrastructure for motor-tourist in the

region. It includes a system of shops and service/filling stations.




??????????????????????$??-?e development of the touring business. The

majority of them are situated in Poltava, Mirhorod and Kremenchuk.


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