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НазваRivne Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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e increasing of the foreign trade turnover. Just

compare foreign trade turnover of goods and services in 2000 (163

million dollars), 2001 (181 million dollars), 2002 (235 million

dollars), and the five months of 2003 (136,5 million dollars), which is

75% (78 million dollars) more than for the same period of 2002.


During this period the export increased 57%, import 94%, respectively

62,2 million dollars and 74,3 million dollars.


The foreign trade operations with goods are performed with 80 countries

of the world, 10 of them are the countries of CIS and 70 others.


The largest volumes of exportations are directed to Russian Federation,

Poland, Italy, Germany and Byelorussia.


The prevailing exported goods are timber and wares made of it, organic

chemistry compounds, fertilizers, cereals, electric machinery, glass and



The largest importations come from Germany, Poland, Russian Federation,

USA, France, the Netherlands and Hungary.


The prevailing imported goods are chemical products, machines and

equipment, paper and cardboard, mineral fuel, oil and oil products,

plastic and plastic ware.


It is to note that there has been a tendency to increase the proportion

of the products with high degree of processing, using latest

technologies, and the decreasing of manufacture of goods made on



The structure of goods exportation has overcome the period of being raw

appendage of the foreign trade and to a certain degree has achieved the

level of high liquid goods and deep processing.


The efficiency of foreign economic ties is greatly determined by the

structure of exportation and importation which testifies the high level

of economic development, technological progress and exporting and

resource potential of the region.


The bulk the foreign exchange operations has greatly decreased which is

the evidence of the improvement of the economic development, Ukrainian

legislation, transport-storehouse, finance and bank constituents of the

infrastructure of foreign economic ties.


The foreign investments to the economy of the region have reached 52

million dollars, coming the largest foreign investments from the Great

Britain, Russian Federation and Germany.


A special regime of investment activity in road building and civil

engineering with a flexible system of customs facilities, tax

remissions, etc. is to be introduced in the five northern districts of

the region in order to improve the investment appeal the region.


The region is interested in the development of cooperation and

partnership with potential investments in road building, civil

engineering and creating the network of joint ventures for development

modern means of communication, team work for growing and processing

agricultural products according to European technologies, manufacturing

compact agricultural machines, light industry goods and development of

the infrastructure of the cities.




Here is a short review of enterprises and companies of Rivne region that

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