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Rivne Region ()
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Rivne region that
we believe can be a model of the efficient activity under the conditions
of market economy. 

JV AD-Zoria

Its a new enterprise with modern technology for manufacturing glass
package of different shapes and capacity according to European standards
for liqueurs and other beverages. The manufacture of production that is
now exported to Russia, Moldova and Baltic countries, as well as is sent
to the home market, was started in 1998. 

The goods produced by the plant were awarded with the highest prise at
the 15th business forum in Kharkiv in 2000. 

Agropererobka Ltd

The plan has been working since March 1995 and producing the whole range
of high quality dairy products: (milk, cheese, yoghurt, sour cream)
using modern European processing lines. 

A stationary mini-dairy was put into service in October 1997. 

A tinned food factory was commissioned in 1998 and now it is producing
filling compounds for ice cream and sour milk products, jams, dressings,
ketchups and fruit dough containing 35-40% of dry substance. 

In May 2001 Agreopereerobka Ltd was awarded with the diploma of the
national contest for high quality of fruit and vegetable fillers. 

Production, commercial scientific-technical and innovation firm Renome

Main directions of activity: 

Computer technologies. Development, sale and maintenance of software

In 1990 the development, supply, repairs and maintenance of
technological programmed complexes, automated workplaces, office
equipment as well as development and adaptation and introduction of
software for all kinds of computers was started. In 1993 Renome
created the software for the Administration of Passport Registry and
Migration of the Ministry of Home Affairs of Ukraine and for the
Consular Administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine
hat now is used in 19 regions of Ukraine and in more than 75 countries
of the world. After 5 years of work in the field of computer
technologies Renome has become an authorized partner of the German
company Fujitsu Siemens, the most powerful manufacturer of computer
technology in Europe. 

Complex projects for banks based on the equipment of the firm and
development of software/hardware complexes for the bank systems of
self-service for the population. In 1995 Renome became an official
partner of the firm Sidemens Nixdorf, Europes largest producer the
bank systems of self-service for the population. The firm offers its
services for the supply, installation, linking of the bank equipment of
self-service to the local and international payoff systems. 

A specialized service centre for warranty and post-warranty maintenance
of bank equipment of self-service was opened in the central and western


A new trend was introduced in 1996, energy-efficient technologies for
building, namely the Dryvit system of heat insulation and decoration of
outer walls of the buildings. 

Renome is an authorized distributor of the concern Dryvit and has
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