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НазваRivne Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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The complex support to the development of small business, development of
the infrastructure for the small business are the foreground task of the
local authorities. This matter is attended by number of bodies, such as
Rivne regional Business Centre, Centre of Regional Development, Rivne
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Centre of Scientific, Technical and
Economic Information, Rivne branch of the Ukrainian National Fund for
the Support of Farms and 29 social associations of enterprises. 

The crediting of small and middle business is effectuated by the state
and commercial banks of the region and at the expense of foreign funds.
For the last year the banks of the region granted 580 million hryvnias
to the agents of small and middle business. 

Between June and August of the current year Rivne Regional Business
Centre together with Rivne Regional State Administration, representative
office of the State Committee for Business and with the financial
support of the project “BIZPRO” in Kostopil, Goscha and Radyvyliv
districts and in the city of Rivne held seminars and trainings about
opening business for the unemployed citizens who want to go in for

On June 27, 2002 the meeting of the “round table” took place on the
occasion of conclusion of the project “My business – my success” run by
Volyn Business Association “21st century” and directed to the solving of
the unemployment problem and improvement of the social situation of
women of Rivne region. In the frame of the project women obtained 600
consultations on running business, 145 participants of the project were
involved in the seminars on the foundations of business undertaking. The
project was held within the program “Winrock International” (USA). 

In order to energize the development of business in the region the
following foreground tasks were set:

- Implementation of new technological lines based on the complex usage
of local resources;

- Introduction of modern technologies of production, storage and
processing of agricultural products;

- Development of social infrastructure;

- Development of services for tourism (hotels, pensions, rest homes);

- Implementation of modern communication systems and information

- Solution of ecological problems of the region;

- Training, retraining and professional development of the staff for
private enterprise. 


One of the foreground tasks in the sphere of cooperation for the region
is the development of direct ties with trade partners at the level of
regions, which will contribute to the widening of the cooperation and
increasing of goods turnover. 

Up to date Rivne Regional Administration concluded a number of
agreements at the interregional level, among them the agreement about
trade and economic cooperation between Rivne region of Ukraine and
Warmino-Mazurske Province of Poland. 

This agreement foresees the contribution to the establishment of joint
ventures, trade firms, commercial centres, evaluation of the possible
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