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НазваRivne Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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ion of the possible

investment projects, establishing the system of direct currency and

financial clearing-off.


According to the prospective tasks determined at the third

Polish-Ukrainian forum held in Poland and in pursuance of the agreements

reached at the meeting of the governors of the Polish provinces and

heads of the Ukrainian Regional Administrations and agreements between

the delegations of Rivne State Administration and Warnino-Mazurske

province a regional commission was appointed to prepare the program for

the realization of the articles of the signed agreement which will be

sent to the executive structures of Warmino-Mazurske province to be



The student exchange takes place between the universities of Rivne and

Varmino-Masurske province the Days of Polish Culture are held, the

cooperation in the field of tourism is developed, the contacts between

the agents of the economic activity has been established in the agro

industrial field, in the processing, chemical and food industry.


In order to activate the work of the agents of economic activity a visit

of an official delegation of Rivne region has been planned to Poland in

the frame of the program of interregional and international cooperation

to sign the agreed documents about the further development of the



The Protocol of Intentions about the cooperation was signed with a

number of cities of Warmino-Mazurske province of Poland was signed

during he Second Forum of Partner cities of Ukraine and Poland.


Poland is one of the most important economic partners of the region. For

the last years the increase of the foreign trade turnover between Rivne

region and Poland (compare 9.1 million dollars in 2000 with 11 million

dollars in 2001 and 31.7 million dollars in 2002). According to the

taxation authorities there are 23 Ukrainian-Polish Joint Ventures. The

foreign trade ties with Poland are maintained by about 70 firms of

different forms of property.


A number of agreements with Orenburg, Briansk, Rostov and Astrakhan

regions of Russia were signed in the frame of Ukrainian-Russian

cooperation; an official delegation of the heads of Trade and Economy

mission and the Consular office of Russian Federation visited Rivne. We

have trade and economic ties developing at the level of interregional

cooperation with Murmansk, Nizhniy Novgorod and Novgorod regions of

Russian Federation. There are 41 enterprises with the share of Russian

capital registered in Rivne region. The amount of Russian Federation

investments into he province’s economy comes to 11.1 million dollars.


The analysis of the dynamics of foreign trade with Russia proves the

stability of economic ties between the enterprises of the region and

those of Russian Federation.


The statistics for the last 3 years show that Russian Federation

maintains the position of one of main trade partners of Rivne region.


The actual situation of trade was discussed during the meeting of

representatives of business circles, enterprises and agents of economic

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