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НазваRivne Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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cles, enterprises and agents of economic
activity of Rivne region with the Trade Representative of the Embassy of
the Russian Federation in Ukraine. The Parties exchanged business-like
suggestions. The Russian Party announced the agreement about the
creation of Ukrainian-Russian Investment Centre and its regional
representative office in Rivne and about assembling specialized trucks
“GAZEL” on production and technical facilities of the region. 

In pursuance of the resolutions of the mixed Ukrainian-Russian
commission for the activation of trade and economic cooperation, the
base of electronic addresses of business institutions and enterprises of
Rivne region interested in bilateral cooperation was made up. 

In the network of bilateral long-term economic cooperation between
Ukraine and Byelorussia for 1999-2008 and in pursuance of measures
foreseen by the Program, the governing body analysed the situation of
foreign trade operations between the region and Byelorussia. 

Traditional goods of local producers prevail within the structure of
foreign trade operations with Byelorussia: stone, crushed stone,
chemical fertilizers, raw basalt, Portland cement, polished chipboard,
agricultural and industrial products. 

Three Ukrainian-Byelorussian joint ventures operate in the region. There
were no Byelorussian investments into the economy of the region. 

Commercial and Economic Representation of the Embassy of Ukraine in
Byelorussia presented suggestions of the Chief Administration for
Agriculture and Foodstuff about establishment of mutually beneficial
economic ties between the producers and consumers of agricultural

The Byelorussian Party has not yet confirmed their willingness to sign
the prepared projects of Agreement about trade, cultural, scientific and
technical cooperation between Brest and Rivne regions. 

The Administration has constantly taken organizational measures to
involve the enterprises and firms of the region in the specialized
forums, exhibitions and seminars taking place in Byelorussia. 

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