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ЌазваSevastopol City (реферат)
–озд≥л≤ноземна мова, реферати англ≥йською, н≥мецькою
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	The history of Sevastopol had begun many ages ago. In 4-5 BC, a little
village had been settled in ancient Tavrida, and gradually it turned
into the prosperous and rich town УKhersonesФ. In 988 Kievan Prince
Vladimir with his army seized Khersones, and it was here, according to
the legend, that he became Christian. 

The founders of Slavic alphabet УCyrilitsaФ Ciril and Mephody had been

In 15 century AD, Khersones ceased its existence after it was ruined by

3 June 1783, 4 first stone buildings established the city of Sevastopol
(Greek origin Ц honorable, worthy of worship). 

In July 1873 the State Duma had discharged the city with additional
territory, together with Khersones peninsula and Severnaya bay WW as
separate entity. In July 1890 the city was proclaimed to be the military
base and chief base of Black Sea fleet. 

Since 1 December 1995, Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine had canceled
the controlled traverse in Sevastopol. The city became unrestricted for
tourism and commerce. 



1100 km2, which consists 0,143% of UkraineТs territory:

- 864 km Ц land:

- 12% Ц are inhabited;

- 38% Ц agricultural zone;

- 50% Ц timber and mountains;

- 236 km2 Ц aquaterritory;

- 57 km2 Ц are occupied by military units of both fleets. 

Distance from Sevastopol to Kiev:

- railway Ц 948 km;

- macadamized road Ц 1100 km. 

Geographical data

The city is situated on the south-western cost of Crimean Peninsula;
average temperature +12∞C; the record of maximum temperatures: in summer
+38∞C, in winter -22∞C. Annual rain for the period of 2001 Ц 473,9


Sevastopol borders on Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the frontier goes
through the city territory. It is 152 km long (marine line). 

Administrative-territorial units

The number of districts Ц 4: Leninskiy, Nachimovskiy, Balaklavskiy,

The number of cities under district subordination Ц 1: Inkerman.

The number of villages Ц 29. 

Local State administrations

City State administration Ц1;

District State administrations Ц 4. 

Local Councils

General quantity of Councils Ц 11, quantity of deputies Ц 366 persons:

- City Council Ц 1(75 persons);

- City Councils under district subordination Ц 1 (25 deputies);

- District Councils in the city Ц 4 (156 deputies);

Village Councils Ц 1 (25 deputies);

Countries Councils Ц 4 (85 deputies). 

Population Ц 379500 persons

- urban population Ц 358100 persons (94%);

- village population Ц 21400 persons (6%);

- male Ц 46,0%;

- female Ц 54%. 

Pensioners (of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Domestic
Affaires, the Security Service of the Ukraine and the National Guards) Ц
111200 persons (29%):

- because of age Ц 69000 (17%);

- disabled Ц 11000 (2%). 

Density of the population per 1 km2 Ц 439 persons 

- birth-rate (per 1000 persons)(01.01.2003) Ц 2,8 persons;

- death-rate (per 1000 persons)(01.01.2003) Ц 4,1 persons. 


Labour resources Ц 250000 persons (66%);
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