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НазваSumy Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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	Sumy region is situated in the North East of Ukraine and is adjacent on
the North and East to the Russian Federation region of Bryansk, Kursk
and Belgorod. 

The region shares a national border with Russia that is 498 kilometers
in length. On this border, there are three customs check points for
railroad transport (Volfino, Pushcarnoe and Zernovo) and five automobile
check points (Bachevsk, Katherinovka, Ryzhevka, Yunakovka and Velyka

From the South, South East and West, Sumy region borders upon the
Kharkiv, Poltava and Chernigiv regions of Ukraine. The distance from
Sumy to Ukraine's capital city, Kyiv, is 350 kilometres away by train
and 359 kilometres away by the most efficient road connection. 

The total geographic area of the region equals 23,880 square kilometers.

The topographic nature of the region and the availability of large
tracts of undeveloped land-space allow it to expeditiously and
effectively deal with any development proposal, no matter what it needs
for immediate use and growth potential. 

Sumy region belongs to the Dnipro river basin and its hydrographic
network is relatively dense, one kilometer of river per five square
kilometers of land area. The total length of rivers in Sumy region is
5,400 kilometers. In addition, there are 33 large lakes and more than
1600 ponds and water storage impoundment with a total amount of almost
130 million cubic meters of water capacity. The surface water area of
Sumy region comprises 4.7 percent of the total inland surface water of
whole Ukraine. Because of the large water capacity and the lack of
pollutants in Sumy waters, it is possible to meet both the potable water
needs of the region's population while also providing an almost
inexhaustible supply of water for industrial processing and other needs.

The region's forest area totals some what 448,500 hectares. There is
enough soil and weather diversity in the region so that there are wide
variations in the available forest products types ranging from products
suitable for paper producing all the way to the hardwoods for furniture
making and other similar needs. Thus, furniture manufacturers with an
interest in development in this region would find that they could meet
almost all of their forest product needs within the region itself with
minimum haulage costs. 

Within the region's system of land reservation, there are 182 reserved
places and objects totaling about 156,000 hectares. This includes
national nature parks, monument parks, and some limited areas
specifically reserved because of the nature of rare trees within their
confines. The entire reserved and protected forest areas total about 6.5
percent of total region land area. 

In a number of cases, the implementation of projects that might have led
to further ecological degradation has been avoided by concerted actions
of the population and the government. The positive nature of the region
ecological situation is demonstrated by the following. 

The region has available 294 deposits containing 21 different kinds of
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