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НазваSumy Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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available 294 deposits containing 21 different kinds of

mineral deposits that are considered to be sufficient for economically

feasible exploitation. The most promising among those natural and

mineral resources are crude oil, natural gas, oil mining by-product and

peat. There are 21 deposits of crude oil that are believed to hold 34

million tons of crude oil recoverable in an efficient and profitable

fashion (representing almost a quarter of all reserves of Ukraine), 18

deposits of natural gas (the reserves exceed 72 billion m3), 17 deposits

of oil mining by-product (comprising 35 percent of the nation-wide

availability), and 111 deposits of peat with reserves of almost 55

million tons. Also, the region has substantial non-metallic mineral

resources: phosphates, immovable and potash salts, brimstone, quartz,

Cretaceous, gypsum, chalkstones, marl, glass spigot products, refractory

and high-melting clays, mineral paints, building spigot products and



The labour force consists of about 820,000 persons, about two-thirds of

the entire population, however total employment is just 627,000 persons

working in all spheres of economic activities. This includes 21 percent

in industries, 31 percent in agriculture and forestry, 8 percent in

education, culture and the arts, 5 percent in trade, transport and

communications, and 4 percent in the building trades. About 70 percent

of all people work in collective and private fields of economy.




Sumy region has advanced industrial potential.


The industry is a leading sphere of regional economy. Here is annually

created almost half of gross added cost, 30% of working people are

engaged there. About 40% of petroleum (from total amount in Ukraine)

produced in region, including a gas condensate, and 7% of gas, about 30%

of a sulphuric acid, 6% of pumps centrifugal, 12% of footwear, 5,5% of

utensils porcelain.


Positive changes in Sumy region have been observing for last four years.

For 1999-2002 years volume of industrial manufacture has increased

almost by 17%, or on the average till 4% annually.


In structure of an industrial production mineral industry is for 29%,

about 65% production of a manufacturing industry, in it 27,1% –

mechanical engineering, 22,6% a food-processing industry and processing

of agricultural products, 9,6 a% – chemical and petrochemical industry.


The enterprises of a non-state ownership are produced about 85% of



Innovative activities are developing. In an industry 66 new progressive

processes are implemented. Quality of the goods considerably has raised.

The high awards for production of the following joint-stock companies:

"Shostka city dairy plant", "Konotopmyaso", "KraftFoodsUkraine", "Romny

dairy plant", "Okhtyrka cheese plant" and "Gorobyna" Ltd have received.


"Progress-Invest" Ltd was created as a result of combining on corporate

basis of a number of the food industry enterprises, where on the basis

of modern technological equipment, modern information technologies, the

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