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Sumy Region ()
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mation technologies, the

realizations of innovative and investment projects, automation of

productions and management, marketing research were achieved high

results of financial and economic activities.




Priority for Sumy region in plant growing is the following: grain, sugar

beet, sunflower, potatoes. With the purpose of agricultural manufacture

efficiency increasing a number of scientific companies exceeded.

Ivanovskaya research station successfully works to improve the grades of

a winter wheat. High-quality seeds of sugar beet are delivered to the

customers of joint-stock company "Vorskla" (Trostyanets). Agricultural

firm "Sumynasinnya" is well known in Ukraine and in Western Europe as

the supplier of high-quality seeds for long-term grasses.


In livestock breeding the specialization is as following: breeding of

large horned dairy and meat cattle, pigs.


At the present stage development of agrarian manufacture is impossible

without functioning the ramified agrarian market. Therefore there are


1200 points on milk collection;


243 points on meat collection;


481 points on collection of vegetables, oil, sugar, grain;


In Sumy works agro industrial stock exchange.




The formation of active business environment during last years assisted

preservation of positive tendency of small and average business

development in region.


Now in region work 5319 small enterprises. For the last three years

their quantity has grown 1,8 times. For the same period the employment

in sphere of small business has grown almost in 1,5 times, working

places given up to 46,2 thousand persons.


3810 small enterprises or 71,6% from total are engaged in industrial

activities. 9,8% in total amount of manufacture revenues from small

business, the share of allocations is 11,9%.


Description of economic activitiesQuantity of the enterprises,%Number

of the workers, %Scope production (works, services)%






Trade and public catering44,633,526,5


Transport and communication3,24,76,3






The ground of the balanced development of economy in Sumy region is a

formation of a modern market infrastructure, creation of high developed

and competitive industrial complex, activization of foreign trade.


The geography of foreign trade is very wide and comprises of 90

countries, where the basic part belongs to ten countries.


The most essential export deliveries are executed for Russian

Federation, China, India, Turkmenistan, Germany, Belarus and Iran.


The greatest import revenues from Russian Federation, Turkmenistan,

Germany, Belarus, Cote-d'-Ivoir, the United States of America,

Switzerland, Ireland, the Netherlands.


Commodity structure of export and import


The commodity structure of foreign trade is based on regional industrial

potential. Obvious is a prevalence of the agrarian sector.


The bases of export commodity are as follows: machines and equipment

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