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НазваSumy Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
Замовити оригінальну роботу
: machines and equipment
(56,5% of total amount), chemicals, vehicles and spare parts, livestock
production, timber. 

The most shares of total amount of import are the following: mineral
products, food, machines and equipment, chemicals. 


Land market

In the region the following arrangements have been executed: 

further deepening of reforming of the land relations; 

Implementation of the Land Code of Ukraine;  

Improvement of the new forms of managing on land; 

Increasing of land use efficiency and protection. 

It was used 220,8 thousand land shares (83%) on the area 841,6 thousand
hectares on rent conditions; 155,2 thousand hectares of a stock and
reserve fund, 6,9 thousand citizens used their own land shares

The important place in provision of the population by food takes private
country economy, horticulture. In 2002 to this purpose was used 154,1
thousand hectares of land. 

The special attention is allocated on organizations of distribution of
the state certificates to the proprietors of the land shares. The state
certificates are issued for 186,8 thousand land shares (67,3%), and the
further certification is in process to cover 82,3 thousand land shares. 


The region has the advanced transport system. It is crossed with an
interstate highway Kiev-Moscow. The major railways: Kiev-Moscow,
Kiev-Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk-St.-Petersburg. 

The large railway junctions: Konotop, Vorozhba, Smorodino. Operational
length of railway makes 920 km, highways does about 7,3 thousand km.
There is a regional airport in Sumy. 

The following gas pipelines cross the territory of region: Urengoy –
Pomary – Uzhorod, Yelets – Kursk – Sumy – Dykanka, Kursk – Sumy – Kiev,
Sumy – Konotop, Belsk – Sumy, Kiev – Bryansk, and oil pipelines:
Michurinsk – Kremenchug, Malaya Pavlovka – Okhtyrka. 

Telecommunication systems

Four operators work in the regional market of a telecommunication; the
major of them is Sumy branch of JSC "Ukrtelekom". About 500 telephone
stations, 24% of which are digital work since in region work, that
provide the extended services to the customers using their technical

The cellular communication is provided by two operators: JV "UMC" and
CJSC "Kyivstar GSM". 

The share of electronic mass media in information space is increasing.
There are 33 companies and organization having the licence to broadcast.
Two of them: Regional State Television Company and Radio Company
"Vidikon" cover practically all population of Sumy region. 

f computer communication through international information network


The important role in activization of investment activities belongs to
the bank system. 

Today the bank system in region is presented by 43 branches (19 of
regional level and 24 subordinated). The majority of commercial banks,
which the main offices are in Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Lutsk
have sufficient resource base for realization of crediting. 
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