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НазваSumy Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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realization of crediting.


Major banks of region: branch of National bank of Ukraine, branches:

"Ukrsotsbank", JCB "Pravexbank", joint-stock company "Ukrinbank", JB

"Kreditbank", JSC Bank "Big-energy", central branch of "Prominvestbank",

JCB "Nadra", CB "Privatbank", regional department of joint-stock postal

& pension bank "Aval", regional department of state savings bank of

Ukraine, branch of " Microfinancial bank "CB "Volodymyrskyi" Ltd has

begun working on January 2003. The bank develops as an universal banking

establishment, which carries out a complete scope of bank services.




Sumy region is a treasury of historical and cultural monuments. It is

one of the most saturated historical and cultural heritages of Ukraine.

Tourist potential is inexhaustible. Sumy region borders with so called

"Wild Field", where the culture of many peoples and epoch from times

Kiev Rus` was synthesized.


The history of Putivl, Glukhov, Romny follows from depth of years, which

enrolled in the list of major historical cities of Ukraine. The above

cities have huge unused historical and cultural potential for tourism

development. They are a part of tourist route "A Necklace of Slavutych".



Indoubtedly, the unforgettable impressions stay after visiting Glukhov –

one of most ancient cities of Ukraine, which dated back to 1152. It is

former capital of Getmans Ukraine, native land of the outstanding



The unlimited recreational opportunities of Sumy region, including

ecological purity, will satisfy any tastes of the tourists.




Technical training


After termination of comprehensive schools the schoolchildren continue

training in Technical colleges and special educational establishments.

In region there are 35 Technical colleges, in which 16,3 thousand

schoolchildren have studies.




High education


In the Sumy region there are the following high schools: four

universities (Sumy National Agrarian University, Sumy State University,

Sumy Pedagogical University, Glukhov State Pedagogical University) and

Ukrainian Academy of Banking.


Concerning qualitative structure of the teachers: there are 134 Doctors

of Sciences and 745 Candidates of Sciences.


High schools cooperate with high schools of Austria, Germany, and Great

Britain. The universities of Germany consider projects on the framework

agreements about the international cooperation in the field of education

and science.




The advanced material base assists on development of physical culture

and sports movement in Sumy region. It was constructed Stadium

"Yuvileynyi" on 25 thousand places that meets the requirements of UEFA;

the modern arena of the Ukrainian Academy of Banking was put into

operation; it was reconstructed a ski base of Olympic preparation



Almost 1,5 thousand enterprises, educational institutions, and

organizations in Sumy region carry out the physical training. Over 163,9

thousand people are the active participants, that makes 12,4% of the

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