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НазваTernopil Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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lands, the area of which reaches about 1000 hectares. 

The plough of the territory is 64%. In a structure of agricultural areas
ploughed lands make 84,2% (about 890 thousand hectares). This is one of
the best indexes in Ukraine. 

According to a technique of land and residential area money valuation,
authorised by the Decree of Ministers’ Cabinet of Ukraine from the 23rd
of March, 1995, №213, the average cost of one hectare of plough-land is
determined to be 3564$, correspondingly, the cost of plough-land in the
Ternopil region makes about 2,6 billion USD. 

Forest resources

Forests cover about 14% of the regional territory (197,8 thousand

On the greater part of the territory the wide-foliage forests are spread
(namely, oak, hornbeam, beech trees), the area of which is equal about
137 thousand hectares. In the North of the region mixed woods prevail. 

Opportunities for industrial use of regional forest resources are small,
because of insignificant density of forests on the territory and
qualificative characteristics of woods. The wood stock makes 20,1
million m3 including 0,76 million m3 of mature woods. The felling volume
annually makes about 200 thousand m3. 

The Ternopil region takes the leading place in Ukraine in preparation of
non-wood production, i.e. fruits, small fruits, birch juice, medicinal
herbs. The forests of the region possess significant resources of
medicinal raw material. On the area of more than 860 hectares the
plantations of dop-rose (wild rose), guelder-rose, cornelian cherry,
Chinese lemon are created. The medicinal herbs such as St.Jone’s wort,
strawberries, coltsfoot and others are of large significance. 

Mineral resources

The main part of mineral resources of the region makes non-ore economic
minerals, in particular, natural building materials, which are explored
in amount of 300 deposits. 

Large stocks of mergel are found in the Western part of the Ternopil
region (bed thickness of which is 18-30 m, and the depth of occurance is
15-20m) which is considered as high-quality raw material for manufacture
of cement. But the industrial use of mergel in the region is

Practically in all parts of the region there are the deposits of
limestone (100 deposits are known) and the so called reef limestone, the
deposits of which are rich in the area of Tovtrova Hryada, are unique in
the world, due to large capacity of Calcium. The limestone is used
basically in sugar industry, for limestone burning, for detritus
manufacturing, in road and construction industry. 

Significant deposits of clay and loams (more than 100 deposits, the
depth of occurrence of layers does not exceed 7 m) are good raw base for
brick-tile manufacturing. In the Northern and central parts of the
region there are also deposits of fire clay and argil (potter’s clay)
which are used for tile and pottery manufacture. 

The region possesses the large stocks of building stone, dolomites and
sandstone. The latter are widely used for high-quality roadway building
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