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НазваTernopil Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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y used for high-quality roadway building
and as facing material. 

There are also significant deposits of sand. The deposits of
quartz-glaukonit sand are also found, which is the raw material for
glass manufacturing. 

The deposits of chalk, being available in the region, are considered to
be rather rare (in Ukraine only 3 deposits are known). They lie very
close to the surface (to 10 m) and are rather thick which allows
extracting them in the open air. Chalk is used in mixed feed production,
for whitewashing of soils, for chalk-pencil production, for paper
manufacturing, in lacquer-dye and pharmaceutical industries. 

Potential stocks of gypsum on the regional territory are valued by
dozens of millions of tonnes. In general, more than 20 deposits of it
are known, the thickness of layers of which is about 20-25 m. By the
occurrence and stock conditions the working on these deposits is
possible for a long period of time and in large scale. The gypsum is
applied to in agriculture (for soil gypsuming), in medicine, in paper,
chemical and cement branches of industry. But in spite of the large
stocks, gypsum is not produced and used in manufacture sufficiently. 

The peatbogs are of great industrial significance in the Ternopil
region. About 50 deposits are known in amount of about 7,7 million
tonnes of peat. 

Among the non-ore economic minerals, the phosphorus can be found in
small amounts on the territory of the region, which are used as mineral
fertiliser, and bentonit clays of high quality are also found and used
as adsorbing material. 

Recreational resources

More than 200 thousand hectares of the landscape territory of the region
(15% of the whole area) are of recreational significance. 

The main natural units for excursions are Tovtrovy ridge, Kremenets
mountains, Dnistrovsky kanion, karst caves. A lot of holiday hotels,
tourist hotels, guesthouses are at tourists’ disposal. 

Large stocks of mineral medicinal waters are located in the region,
which may be used for treatment of internal organs, the organs of
support-moving apparatus and other diseases. The wells of hydrocarbon,
hydrogen sulphide and sulphate waters are also found on the territory of
the Ternopil region. 

The Ternopil region is an agrarian-industrial area. Its location in the
Western part of the Rightbank of the partially wooded steppe – in the
area with fertile soils and good damp – contributes to the development
of agriculture. Its location (near the Lviv-Volyn coalfield and
industrial area of Prykarpattia) also contributes to the development of
different branches of industrial production. Region's location in the
area with high population density determines the prevailing of labour
consuming branches of economy. 


The most important industries include:

- food industry;

- machine-building and metal processing;

- light industry;

- the industry of building materials;

- flour and cereals industry;

- wood processing industry. 

Food industry, which processes agricultural raw materials, is the
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