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НазваTernopil Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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ndustry, which processes agricultural raw materials, is the

leading one in the economy of the region. The following branches are

mostly notable: sugar, meat, milk, spirit-vodka, confectionery, tobacco,

tinned vegetables, flour grinding and other branches. The sugar industry

is the leading branch (there are 9 sugar plants operating in the

region), concerning the production amount and realisation of products.

Together with alcohol and tinned vegetables they are the branches of

industry in which the Ternopil region is considered to be specialised on

the state and local levels of labour division.


According to national standards the transport network in the region is

well developed. The main kinds of transport are the automobiles and

railway. As for the number of cargo and passenger carryings, the

automobiles take the leading role (the average data – 35,5 million

passengers and 1,1 million tonnes of cargo annually). The length of

regional roads amounts to approximately 5,1 thousand km, when 5,0

thousand km comprise the roads with fixed and steady covering. 370km of

the automobile roads fall per each 1 thousand km2 of the regional

territory, including 362 km of the road with fixed and steady covering.


The regional railway system comprises 575 km, the density of the railway

network makes 41,4 km per each 1 thousand km2, which exceeds the

analogous data in Ukraine (37,6). Every year the railway transport

carries approximately 0,7 million tonnes of cargo and 8million



There are several important non-state establishments functioning in the

region, who are to help the businessmen in doing business activities.

Thus, in the Ternopil regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry you can

receive the information concerning the valid business-opportunities both

in the region and outside of it, and also the information about the

local enterprises.


Through contact with the League of Businessmen of the Ternopil region

it’s possible to find reliable business partners, to get acquainted with

the business environment in the region, to receive the necessary support

in practical realisation of business projects.




The export and import deliveries tie the Ternopil region with 72

countries of the world. The main trade partners of the region are

Russian Federation, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Italy, India, USA,

Hungary, and Czech Republic.


The main external sales markets for the production exported from the

Ternopil region are Russian Federation, Germany, Turkmenistan, Moldova,

Poland, India, Georgia.


Owing to the peculiarities of the regional economy specialisation the

products of food industry prevail in the export delivery structure,

livestock and stockbreeding products, machines and power engineering

equipment, textiles, other industrial goods, wood and wood goods.


Among the important production suppliers of the import prevail: Germany,

USA, Russia, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic and Hungary.


The main kinds of products imported to the region are: machines and

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