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НазваVinnytsya Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Vinnitsya region has been formed on 27 February 1932 and now is one of

the most developed agrarian-industrial and cultural-historical parts of

Ukraine. Its territory is 26,5 thousands square kilometres – 4.4% of

Ukrainian territory.




Vinnitsya is the administrative regional centre. It is situated in 222

km from Kyiv to South-West. Population is 357 ths.




Vinnitchina now includes three town regions and 27 village regions. The

oblast counts 17 bigger and 30 smaller towns, and 1467 villages.




There are a lot of mineral resourses and rare raw materials in Vinnitsya

region. The largest group includes non-metallic minerals, natural

construction materials in particular. This group includes about 800





At present, fifteen deposits of these minerals have been prospected and

are being used. Among the mineral resources kaolin-beds take the first





In the territory of Murovani-Kurilivtsi district the considerable

reserves of fluorite have been discovered. This deposit, unique in

Ukraine, is capable to provide completely our state and foreign

companies with fluorites.




The granite reserves are available in all the districts of the region

but the industrial production is being executed only in 12 deposits with

the total volume 6 mln cubic metres.




In the region the only in Europe garnet-bed is situated. This mineral is

being used only by the enterprises of Zaporizhzhia and Krivyi Rig. In

ten types of minerals there are deposits of semi-precious stones –





Our enterprises are exported about 30 percent of their production to 100

countries of the world. The main trade partners are Russian Federation,

Germany, the USA, the Republic of Belarus.




The region is ready to export the equipment of industry automation, the

systems of weight measurement, the equipment and systems of monitoring

of electro-transmission networks of Science-inculcational enterprise

“InnoVinn”; the equipment and computer providing for digital

fotometering and cartography, including colour fotogrammeter scaners and

stations of State enterprise “Geosystem”; high-quality diamonds,

equipment and instruments for diamonds faceting of “Vinnitsya Kristall

Diamond Factory”; a broad range of fire weapon: live guns, carbines,

hunting rifles of Science-industrial association “Fort”; high-quality

production of Ukrainian Vodka Company “NEMIROFF” and Close joint-stock

company “Vinnitsya Liqueur-Vodka Plant”, which is in demand in many

countries of the world.




Light industry is also of great importance in regional economy. This

branch, under the unfavourable conditions of production, did not reduce

greatly the production output. Due to this fact, it kept the personnel.

As they possess high quality equipment, high qualified personnel, these

enterprises attract the attention of foreign companies.




The main branch in export increasing potential and regional economy

stabilization is agroindustrial complex. The land resources is the

greatest value of Vinnitchina. Long since Vinnichina has the name of a

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