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НазваVinnytsya Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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test value of Vinnitchina. Long since Vinnichina has the name of a

“Sugar-mine”. Sugar beets are converted to sugar at 36 sugar plants some

of which are 150 years old.




The regional state administration gives the equal support opportunities

to various forms of economy and agricultural structures of the market

type. It encourages existing effective collective enterprises, joint

stock companies and processing enterprises.




8 sanatoriums in Khmilnyk and Nemiroff health centre “Avangard” are

functioned on the base of low-radiation mineral water “Radon” and

medical mud baths, where successfully treat people who suffer from pains

in the back, cardiovascular diseases, illnesses of respiratory tract and

nervous system.




There are National Pirogov Medical University, State Technical

University, Agrarian University, Pedagogical University, Institute of

Trade and Economy in Vinnitsya, where future specialists from Ukraine

and 40 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America get the





The city is famous for National Pirogov Museum – the Museum of

outstanding Russian surgion with church-mausoleum, where Pirogov’s

embalmed body is kept; expositions of regional and art museums,

monasteries of 16-18 centuries, regional music-dramatic theater named in

honor of Sadovsky, regional philharmonic society, city chamber

orchestra. Tourists from many countries of the world visit Vinnitsya

region. The region has developed network of highways, hotels and





The regional state administration is interested in subsequent

development of mutually beneficial relations between Vinnitchina and

regions of other countries.


Тulchinskaya's shoe factory " produce modern, beautiful, elegant man's

and female suits, a dress for women, a product for children and

teenagers, the top jersey, man's and woman’s footwear of high gualiti.




In the countries of compact residing ukrainians Podolsk embroidered

shirts, towels and other art products are well-known.




Production is in great demand in Ukraine in Italy, Germany, the USA and

other states. It became possible due to modern technologies, qualitative

materials, art skill of designers, fashion designers, work of





The enterprises were united in the Ukrainian association of

manufacturers of clothes which represents commercial interests of the

named enterprises abroad.










In agriculture more than 850 agroformations function on the basis of a

private property on the ground. Besides 1240 country (farmer) facilities

operate. The arable land makes more then 2 mln hestares. Fertility of

the grounds on the average on area makes 60-65 units (on 100 – a ball





On volume of gross output of an agriculture the area takes leading place

in Ukraine. Densities of plant-growing is – 61 %, animal industries – 39

%. Vinnytchyna remains one of the greatest the manufacturer of

agricultural production. It has a powerful beet-sugar complex, takes

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