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Volyn Region ()
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oods, works, services) 270.7 mln. USD


Volumes of consumer goods production 169.9 mln. USD


New kinds of products introduced 573 articles


Volumes of agricultural products 435.6 mln. USD


Volumes of construction works 23.2 mln. USD


Turnover of goods 72.8mln. tons/km


Passenger turnover 480mln. passengers


Goods export 147.9 mln. USD


Goods import 324.7 mln. USD.






Foreign trade turnover in 2002 amounted to 472.6 mln. USD. The major

products exported were fuel, oil and oil products, machinery, casein and

animal husbandry products. Fuel materials, plastics, rubber, vehicles,

tools and devices, electro technical equipment prevailed in import

deliveries. Business contacts were maintained with 82 countries. The

largest trade partner of the oblast is Russia, the share of which

exceeds 50 per cent in the total foreign trade turnover of Volyn. More

than 20% of foreign transactions were implemented with the EU countries.

Economic relations with CEEC and Baltic states were developing very

dynamically too, especially with Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania

and Hungary.



Over 65,000,000 USD were invested into the regions economy from 23

countries. Co-operation with international organizations and

institutions gave a positive impetus on social and economic development

of the oblast. For instance, the European Commission funded construction

of the second bridge via the Western Bug River in the area of the

international automobile passage Yahodyn/Dorohusk in the framework of

CBC Tacis.



In fields of administrative and economic reforming Volyn was selected

among other Ukrainian regions to participate in Tacis Promotion of

regional development and Improvement of environment for small and

middle business development projects.



In an environmental field the EC awarded a grant for implementation of

the activities within the CBC SPF Tacis project The promotion of

sustainable development and regional environmental protection policies

in the context of cross-border co-operation between the Ukraine and




Border co-operation with neighbouring areas in Poland and Belarus takes

especially significant place in international relations of the Volyn

oblast. It was greatly favoured by setting up in 1995 a cross-border

association Euroregion BUG which incorporates the Volyn oblast in

Ukraine, the Brest region in Belarus and the Lublin voivodship in

Poland. Its activities contributed to creation of adequate border

infrastructure, strengthening economic collaboration, environment

protection, establishment of close ties between local self-government

authorities, etc. A programme of common actions within this cross-border

association is aimed also to ensure free and lasting co-operation

between NGOs, chambers of commerce, and businessmen.



The Euroregion BUG closely and efficiently cooperates with similar

border regions throughout Europe. Since May 1996 the Euroregion BUG is a

full member of the Association of the European Border Regions.

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