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НазваZakarpattya Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Zakarpattya is a picturesque place of Ukraine, which has a unique

geographical location. Zakarpattya is situated in the outmost West of

Ukraine, in the South-West corner of the Ukrainian Carpathians and the

Prydunays’ka lowland.


It borders in the North-East and South-East with L’viv and

Ivano-Frankivs’k oblast’s, in the North, West and South with Poland (the

length of the border is 33.4 km), Slovakia (98.5 km), Hungary (130 km),

and Romania (205.4 km). Because of its geographical peculiarity,

Zakarpattya has long provided many convenient ways of communication

between the countries of Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Europe.



By its area and population on the scale of Ukraine, the region is not

too large. Its territory is 12.800 sq. km, its population is 1 258 000.

It makes about 2 % of the general territory and population of the



Zakarpattya is divided into 13 administrative rayons, it has 10 towns,

of them 4 are in the oblast subordination (Uzhgorod, Beregovo,

Makachevo, Khust), 20 urban settlements, 579 villages.


No other oblast of Ukraine has such national diversity as does

Zakarpattya: it is inhabited by representatives of 80 nationalities.


The climate of the oblast is soft, moderate continental.


Almost 80% of the territory are taken by the Carpathians, the rest – by

the Prytysyans’ka lowland. The highest peak of the Ukrainian Carpathians

and all of Ukraine – the mountain Goverla (2061 m above the sea level)

is situated on the border of Zakarpats'ka and Ivano-Frankivska regions

of Ukraine.


The nature of the surroundings is diverse and picturesque: the lowland

is taken by fields, meadows, gardens, vineyards; the gently sloping

Carpathians are covered with forests, mostly beech wood. The unique

natural ecosystem of the Carpathian biosphere preserve belongs to the

most valuable ecosystems of the Earth and is included into the

international system of biosphere preserves UNESCO.


The most precious treasure of the oblast is its forest, which takes more

than a half of its territory. In the natural composition of the

Zakarpattya forest leaf trees (62.2%) and conifers prevail (29.9%).


The oblast is full of all kinds of minerals, including the ones, typical

only for the Zakarpattya geological province. There are almost 150

sources of raw and mineral materials and more than 30 kinds of minerals.



The oblast possesses high recreational and resort potential. 360 sources

of mineral and thermic waters have been discovered and investigated.

These waters do not yield to the famous waters of Caucasus, Czech

Republic, France; their chemical composition and healing capacity are

often referred to in the archival documents of the middle of the 15th



The mineral waters of the oblast have great gustatory qualities and are

widely used as medicinal drinking water in sanatoria and health resorts.

Zakarpattya is famous as one of the most popular places for medical

treatment and recovery.


On the territory of the area there are 9429 streams and rivers, 137

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