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Zakarpattya Region ()
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ssities of life

of the population.


The special economic zone Transcarpathia was performed to work out the

program of the further development of the region on the basis of new

market economic relations, to find new technologies, to attract

investment, to promote the development of external economic links, to

increase the production of high quality goods and services, to develop

modern industrial, transport and market infrastructure and provide new

working places.


Advantages provided by "special" laws made the investment activity of

our region more efficient. The result of which can be observed in the

dynamic increase of investments from $11,9 mln. in 1999 to $30,1 mln. in



Nowadays 405 enterprises with foreign direct investments are working in

our region. Transcarpathia is at the 11th place among the regions of

Ukraine according to the volume of attracted investments and at 6th

place according to the volume of investments per capita ($ 113). Among

the Ukrainian regions which are members of Carpathian Euroregion,

Transcarpathian region leads in the volume of attracted investments per



Most part of foreign direct investments was provided by following



? USA 17,6 %


? Hungary 15,5%


? Austria 15,5%


? Germany 11,5%


? Slovakia 6,4%




Transcarpathian enterprises were working with partners from 73 foreign

countries. 442 businesses were selling goods and services abroad and 387

were importing goods and services.


The main export positions are:


? textile and textile goods 24,3% of total export


? mechanical and electrotechnical equipment 23,7%


? wood and wood products 19,8%


? toys and sports kit 6,6%


? furniture 6,2%


? equipment 5,8%


Structure of import:


? mechanical and electrotechnical equipment 35,8% of total import


? textile materials 20,3%


? transport 14,1%


? plastic and caoutchouc 7,4%


? chemical industry production 4,1%




Our land possesses rich natural and recreational resources. Today

Zakarpattya is considered one of the ecologically cleanest parts of the



The picturesque nature of the area, favorable climatic conditions for

recreation and mountain skiing in winter, mineral springs and sources

with medicinal qualities all these create possibilities for

transformation of the recreation branch into the leading one in this



The network of health resorts and tourist recreational centers now

counts 113 items, among them are 17 health centers, 19 sanatoria, 72

tourist centers, recreation departments, health centers, 5 pensions.

Besides, there are 40 hotels in the oblast, 5 travel agencies and 59

other private enterprises which have acquired licenses for tourist



The functioning holiday centers hosted more than 200.000 people. The

most popular are the sanatoria (health centers) of Svalyava region

Sonyachne Zakarpattya (Sunny Zakarpattya), Polyana (Glade),

Kvitka Plonyny (The Flower of Polonyna); of Mukachiv region

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