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Zakarpattya Region ()
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er of Polonyna); of Mukachiv region 
Karpaty (Carpathians), Synyak; of Hust region  Shayan, of
Rukhiv region  Girska Tyssa (Mountain Tyssa); of Mezhgirskyi
region  Verkhovyna. 

For medical treatment of allergic non-specific lungs illnesses, namely
bronchial asthma, the microclimate of salt shafts of Solotvyna (Tyachiv
region) is being used. 

Ecological and rural tourism in the mountainous regions of the oblast,
namely in Rakhiv region, at the expense of the Carpathian Fund Grant, is
developing and becoming more popular. The ecological route To Goverla
across the Chornogirya woods has been established. The first tourist
guide Have a rest in the countryside of mountainous Rachivshchina has
been published. Almost in every mountainous village of this region one
can find hospitable people willing to host tourists in their houses. 


During the last years there have been considerable changes in the
structure of industrial production. The industry has become closer to
resource capacities of the oblast. 



??????????????????????$??$?bles, soft drinks and mineral water), light
industry (ready-made garments and knitwork, underwear, bed linen,
overcoats, jackets, men suits, footwear, headgear), machine-building
industry (metal-cutting machines, electric motors, pipeline armature,
domestic gas convectors, gas-meter), construction materials industry
(production of road metals, facing materials). 

The leading enterprises of the oblast are those which have attracted
investments, conducted reconstruction and modernization of production,
raised competitiveness of their products on the home and foreign markets

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