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Zaporizhzhya Region ()
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2004800 inhabitants, i.e. 4,0% of the

total Ukrainian population. Urban population presented by 1534800

inhabitants, rural 470000. The level of regional urbanization is

76,6%, which is higher than Ukrainian average level. More than 42,0% of

the region population (847800 inhabitants) lives in Zaporizhzhya city, a

significant industrial center that takes an important part in social and

economic development of the region.




Zaporizhzhya region has a developed transport system.


Motorways (total length 6683 km) connect all urban and rural

settlements. Through the region run a number of strategic routes: Odesa

- Melitopol - Novoazovsk, Kharkiv - Simferopol - Sevastopol, Borispil -

Dnipropetrovsk - Zaporizhzhya.


The major regional industrial centers have railway links with other

parts of Ukraine, CIS and European countries.


The large part of cargo and passenger transportation is possessed by

motor and railway transport. The number of agencies providing

international auto transportations is constantly increasing.


A large navigable artery the Dnipro river, which flows from the north

to the south, plays an important role in the Zaporizhzhya transportation



The significant part of freight flow in the region passes through

Zaporizhzhya River Cargo Port, which specializes in processing of

industrial, including metallurgical, cargos.


Berdiansk seaport (on the Azov Sea) is a marine gate to Zaporizhzhya

region. Terminals and other portal equipment allow to receive and store

all kinds of cargoes (except liquids) and to serve all types of ships

including river and ocean ones. The cargo can be delivered by the

railway from the port to any region of Ukraine.


An important role in the regional transport system is played by

Zaporizhzhya regional international airport, which takes one of the

leading places in Ukraine by the passenger turnover. Zaporizhzhya

airport is one of few profitable airports and constantly increases its

service range. Berdiansk international airport is included into the

structure of the state enterprise The Airport of Zaporizhzhya.


Such companies as Lufthansa, Austrian Airline Group and Eurowings

opened their branches in Zaporizhzhya region.


All kinds of communication are developed in the region. Zaporizhzhya has

wide telephone network. Mobile and paging systems are developing

actively. The digital telephone station was implemented in Zaporizhzhya.

Internet is available in online mode. There are several powerful e-mail



The region takes the first place by the number of telephone numbers

(25,8 per 100 inhabitants) in Ukraine.




Nowhere else over Ukraine, except Zaporizhzhya region, you can find such

traditions which are based on the famous history of the region.


Favorable climate and geographical situation of Zaporizhzhya attracted

men from the immemorial times. The oldest settlements of the primitive

people in a Dnipro river valley are dated back to the middle Paleolithic

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