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НазваZaporizhzhya Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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2001 the process of

structural redistribution of employment of the population between

private, collective and state sectors was prolonged.


The fast growth of employment in private sector of economy is reached

mainly due to the development of personal subsidiary agriculture and

self-employment of population. 186.8 thousands people, or 22.1% of the

total number of employed in the economy belonged to these structures.


The rapid upsurge of economic activity, realization of the regional

employment programs improved the situation at the labor market.


Increase of the number of industry workers (by 7.8 thousands people) was

marked in 2001 firstly.


During 2001 10000 new workplaces in various spheres of the regional

economy were created.


As the result, the level of registered regional unemployment is still

one of the lowest in Ukraine – 3.29% of able-bodied population.




The education in the region today is a stable system with positive

development and a good potential.


672 general educational institutions operate in the region. Their basic

advantages are varied network, opportunity to chose among the

institutions and educational programs depending on individual

educational requirements of the pupils.


The system of free non-school education has been saved and optimized

(there are 82 institutions, including palaces, houses, centers of

creativity for children and youth, profile institutions of technical,

aesthetic creativity, sports, tourist, ecological hobby groups and so



There are 630 pre-school institutions, with 40190 of children being

brought up there.


Radical changes took place in the system of the regional professional

and technical education. Its development, first of all, is determined by

the reformation of the economy, change of labour market requirements. 42

professional educational institutions operate in the region nowadays.

One of priority directions of educational institutions reforming is the

use of modern technologies of personnel training.


Today the institutes of higher education of Zaporizhzhya region are the

powerful factor of personnel and scientific training of regional social

and economic development. Today there are 35 state higher educational

institutions in the region with 75 thousands of domestic and foreign

students studying there.


Institutions of high education (such as Zaporizhzhya National technical

university, Zaporizhzhya state university, Zaporizhzhya state technical

academy and so on) train the highly skilled staff: professionals with up

to date knowledge of industry, agriculture, education, medicine, culture

and so forth. Agriculture specialists are trained by 7 institutions 1

from which is «Tavrijs’ka state agricultural and technical academy» of

III-IV level of accreditation and other 6 – of I-II level of



The mechanisms of support of the gifted students and learning youth,

formation of the future intellectual elite are implemented at a regional

level. The search by high educational institutions for their future

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