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НазваZaporizhzhya Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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ners of intellectual competitions of school youth
(subjected Olympiads, research competitions of The Mala Academy of
Sciences of Ukraine) is carried out on a large scale. Combining of final
school examinations results with entering exams to High School
accordingly to the previous agreement is a widely used practice in the


In order to meet cultural requirements of the population there are
operating in the region: 5 theatres – 3 regional and 2 municipal,
regional philharmonic, circus, 3 recreation parks, 614 libraries, 586
arts and leisure centres, 16 museums, 2 museums-reserves, the National
park «Khortitsa», 74 schools of aesthetic children's education. 

The laborious work for preservation and popularization of a historical
and cultural legacy is carried out by libraries and museums. 

The recognized leader of libraries is regional universal scientific
library named after M. Gorky. Its library fund contains 1.5 million
copies, 10 thousand of them are rare editions. 

Among state museums the leading place is taken by the Regional museum,
its funds have more than 100 thousands exhibits, many of them are
unique. Each regional museum has the unique collection. Unique rock
paintings and collections are presented in historical and archaeological
museum-reserve «Kamyana Mogyla» near Melitopol. As a part of the
National park «Khortitsa» which received this high status in 1993, the
museum of a history of the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks is opened. Annually
state museums of the region have about half a million of visitors. 

The pride and beauty of Zaporizhzhya city is the Regional Ukrainian
Musical and Dramatic Theatre. 

cert organizations in Ukraine. Symphonic Orchestra directed by national
artist of Ukraine М.Redya is well-known far away from Ukraine. High
professional level of performance lets the orchestra to cooperate with
world famous musicians. 

Many culture institutions of a club type actively operate in the region.
During the last years due to reconstruction of club network the
institutions of a new type are being created: district and city
recreation centers, club-libraries, rural cinema clubs, houses of
national creativity, culture and leisure. 

The deep knowledge of the Ukrainian traditions, originality,
independence of art thinking marked works of the masters of
decorative-applied art and amateur artists. There are more than 1500
such masters in the region, among them sewers, carvers, carpet makers,
and other. 

Zaporizhzhya region has numerous memorials – unique products of material
and mental culture. The studying, protection and use of these memorials
is important direction of cultural policy. With this purpose in 1994 one
of the first in Ukraine the regional inspection of protection memorials
of history and culture was created. As a result of its work about 5580
monuments of archaeology, 1654 of history, 75 of art were put on the
state account. 93 monuments are included into the State Register of
Cultural National Property. At the day of the celebration of 10-th
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