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НазваZaporizhzhya Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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1654 of history, 75 of art were put on the

state account. 93 monuments are included into the State Register of

Cultural National Property. At the day of the celebration of 10-th

anniversary of Ukrainian independence, August 24, 2001, the first part

of the historical and cultural center «The 700 year-old Zaporiz’kyj Dub»

was opened.




In Zaporizhzhya region about 56 thousand workers are employed in 694

medical institutions, including almost 9 thousand doctors and more than

20 thousand of middle medical staff. Health protection has a powerful

potential of scientists and experts. During last 10 years in the region

have been developed perspective trends of granting of medical assistance

to the population.


There are following medical institutions operate in the region: Centre

of multiorgan transplantation, Centre of ear and deaf-and-dumb

microsurgery, regional Centre of children's cardio surgery service,

regional Service of hand microsurgery, regional Centre of joint

endoprosthetics, Zaporizhzhya regional cardio clinic.


The regional network of the paramedic service is presented by 65

institutions. The leader of this branch is regional Centre of extreme

medicine and urgent medic assistance for 780 beds with 72 mobile



The pride of regional health protection is Zaporizhzhya infection

hospital constructed and equipped in accordance with world standards.

Not everywhere in Ukraine there are such modern and specialized centres

– hepatocentre, "TORCH" Centre of immunoprophlaxis and serodiagnosis of

infectious diseases.


The only Ukrainian medical institution, where it is possible to receive

comprehensive medical-diagnostic modern-level help regarding children’s

and parents’ health, conjugal relations, planning of family and

barrenness, including operative treatment is Zaporizhzhya regional

centre of reproductive function of the family rehabilitation.


Complex treatment and rehabilitation of pre-school and school age

children is provided by 7 children's sanatoriums: sanatorium for

consumptives (Berdians’k); bone tuberculosis sanatorium (Zaporizhzhya);

rheumatic cardiologic sanatorium (Molochans’k); versatile preschool

sanatorium (Zaporizhzhya); pneumo-gastroenterologic sanatorium

(Melitopol’); psycho-neurologic sanatorium for children of preschool and

school age (Zaporizhzhya).


Professor Nikonenko founded in 1992 one of the best Ukrainian centers –

The Centre of multiorgan transplantation with blood clearing unit on the

base of regional clinical hospital. Zaporizhzhya transplantologists in

accordance with the most modern technologies performed 318 operations

connected with kidney transplantation (including 8 made to children) and

8 connected with liver transplantation, mastered under stomach gland

transplantation and are completely ready for heart transplantation.


Regional surgery center successfully operate on the base of regional

clinic hospital. This surgery center contains subdivisions of cardio

surgery which specialists make a line of complicate world-known

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