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НазваZaporizhzhya Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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m. The Center of chirdren’s heart surgery was found
in 2001. This center provides surgery assistance to children with
hereditary defects of heart and blood system. The Regional center of
sport trauma is affectively functioning in liquidation of different
sport diseases. 

The achievements of zaporizhzhya ophthalmologists in implantation of
artificial eye crystal are well-known not only within Ukraine but also
far abroad. Unique operations of creation of artificial bladder and
gullet were made in 2001. 

The number of drugstores per head considerably exceeds the average
Ukrainian number. 36% of existing drugstores are municipally owned, 64%
– are collective and private (individual). Regional pharmaceutical
manufacture is being developed very dynamically as well. 

A reforming process in regional public health services is being
continued. Priority and perspective as for the investments are rural
family medicine, development of medical diagnostic base of children’s
and obstetric institutions, cardio-surgery service. 


In recent years regional physical culture and sports presents the
positive development, i.e. the increase of persons, who are engaged in
sports and physical training. In particular it is observed in high
schools and rural educational institutions. 

The work for improvement of the effective methods and ways of physical
training and sports activity concerning local traditions and working
conditions is carried out in the region. 

There are 1 high sports school, 16 specialized youth schools of Olympic
reserve, 45 youth sports schools, 63 youth sports clubs, 10 youth clubs
of physical training operating in the region. 

For a long time Zaporizhzhya land has been famous for the sports
achievements. The first highest Olympic award in 1952 was won by
wrestler Yakiv Punkin, and the greatest success was achieved by
glorified weight-lifter Leonid Zhabotinsky – the winner of two
Olympiads. Three Olympic awards were won by mid-distances runner Tatyana
Borovskich (Samoilenko), two awards – by handball players Mikhajlo
Ischenko and Sergij Kushniruk, sprinter Tetyana Prorochenko. In total,
since 1952, the sportsmen of our region have won in the main world
competitions 11 gold, 6 silver and 6 bronze medals. 

There are worth to be mentioned achievements of such world and europian
champions, Olympic champions as Denys Selantjev (swimming), Olena
Zhupina, Ganna Sorokina, Roman Volodykov (water jumpers), Sydorenko
brothers (boxing), Roman Kukushka, Olga Roschupkina (spot gymnastic),
Oleg Mykhajlov (bullet shooting) as well as their coaches Segij Gusev,
Tetjana Ladejna, Volodymyr Manzulja, Olexander Barsukov and Ljubov
Barsukova, Mykola Nazarenko, etc. 

During the last decade 100 world-level masters of sports, 14 sportsmen
of the title "the Honored master of sports of Ukraine" have been trained
in the region. 47 sportsmen took part in Olympic games. 



 center «700 years-old Zaporiz’kyj Dub», Khortytsja-island – the cradle
of Zaporizhzhya Cossacks and the firs democratic republic in the world,
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