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НазваZaporizhzhya Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Zaporizhzhya region is one of the Ukrainian regions, which make a basis
of its industrial and agrarian potential. 

Being the ninth in Ukraine for population, the region ranks second in
the state by the GVA per head rate, Kyiv being the first. 

Zaporizhzhya region is one of the industrial leaders of the country,
taking the first place among regions for volume of industrial output per
head and per one industrial worker. 

The industrial growth continues six past years and is observed in all
industrial branches. 

The region has practically all basic industrial branches, where leading
part is possessed by the electro power production, metallurgy, machine
building, metal working and chemistry. The basis of regional industry is
formed by metallurgy and power complexes, producing 12,1% of the
Ukrainian total cast-iron production, 14% of steel, 15,6% of rolled
products, 11,9% of coke, 26,5% of electric power. Such regional
enterprises as «Zaporizhzhya aluminum plant» and «Zaporizhzhya
transformer building plant» are the only Ukrainian manufactures of
aluminum products and transformers of the high world quality. 

Joint venture «AutoZAZ-Daewoo» is the leader in the car market of
Ukraine producing 36,7% of all cars on the market. The well-known
Italian manufacturer of the middle and heavy tracks «IVECCO» choose JSC
«Motor Sich» as its partner for producing of tracks of europian quality.

Zaporizhzhya is one of the first five Ukrainian regions by manufacturing
of consumer goods per head. Well-directed efforts are made for filling
of domestic consumers’ market with the products of Zaporizhzhya
enterprises as well as for new markets conquer. Output growth rate of
light and foodstuff industries in 2001 considerably exceeded average
rates per industry. 

Zaporizhzhya, having rich black earth lands, is traditionally
agricultural region of Ukraine where grain is the main product. The
growing of fruits and vegetables is also well developed. In agrarian
sector in 2001 over 2,5 million tons of grain was harvested, that is the
best harvest for the last decade. Zaporizhzhya region is the largest
manufacturer of sunflower in Ukraine. 

Zaporizhzhya possesses the fourth place among Ukrainian regions by the
volumes of foreign trade and especially by the export rate. 

Zaporizhzhya region is one of the most investment attractive Ukrainian
regions. Having approximately $260 mln. of direct foreign investments
Zaporizhzhya region takes 4th place over Ukraine. By the investments in
main capital Zaporizhzhya is one of the first ten in Ukraine, and by the
investments per head it ranks fourth. 

By the income per head the region ranks 5th in Ukraine, and by the
average month wages – second. 


More than 160 large industrial enterprises operate in the region. The
metallurgical complex of the region is presented by world-famous
enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, such as JSC
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