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Zaporizhzhya Region ()
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enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, such as JSC

Zaporizhstal the leading manufacturer of steel and cast-iron, JSC

Dniprospetsstal the manufacturer of special steel, JSC Ukrgraphite

the leading manufacturer of graphitized electrodes, JSC Zaporizhzhya

aluminum plant the only Ukrainian manufacturer of aluminum,

Zaporizhzhya titanium and magnesium plant the only Ukrainian

manufacturer of sponge titanium, the leading enterprise in manufacturing

of germanium and crystalline silicon.


Zaporizhzhya has a world-famous machine-building enterprises with

high-tec production. This branch is presented by JSC Motor Sich the

manufacturer of aircraft engines for planes and helicopters of leading

companies (such as: CB Antonov, Yakovlev, Tupolev, Beriev, Kamov, Mil);

JSC Zaporizhzhya transformers plant the only Ukrainian manufacturer

of power transformers; JSC Zaporizhabrasive Ukrainian and world

leader in manufacturing of abrasive materials and tools.


Joint Venture AutoZAZ-Daewoo is the leader of the Ukrainian car

market. Autos produced by the Zaporizhzhya plant meet all world

standards of quality and safety.


Closed joint stock company IVECCO-Motor Sich, being in co-ownership

with Italian company IVECCO, produces not only autos, but also a

products for installation into Ukrainian technique as well as for

exporting. Zaporizhzhya manufacturer produces 70-110 h.p. autos, gear

boxes and engines. In the future, depending on the market demand, the

widening of the outputting model line is planed. It will be made

generally by the producing of the heavy tracks for international cargo

transportation as well as by the upgrading of the existing line of light

tracks by the new model, which is already used in Europe. Autos produced

by IVECCO-Motor Sich come into the market under trademark IVECCO.


Aircraft industry develops very dynamically as well. The receiving of

certificate for AN-140 and its modification AN-140-100 by JSC Motor

Sich made possible its operation on Ukrainian and international



The metallurgical plant Zaporizhstal is one of the most powerful

metallurgical enterprises of ferrous metallurgy with a complete

metallurgical complex in Europe. Main products of the plant are: foundry

iron, hot- and cold-rolled sheet metal, cold roll-formed section and so

on. The new resource-saving technology of production of hot-rolled

double weight metal rolls was implemented. There is being mastering of

high-quality automobile-body sheet. The plant exports its products to

more than 50 countries all over the world.


JSC Ukrgraphite is a leading Ukrainian enterprise producing

graphitized electrodes for electrosmelting, orethermical and other types

of smelting furnaces, carbon masses for Soderbergs electrodes, felting

materials on carbon base for the metallurgy, machine building, chemical

and other industrial enterprises. Accordingly to the results of

Ukrainian rating of 2000 enterprises products were rewarded by the name

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