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Zaporizhzhya Region ()
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inum rod plant  the only Ukrainian manufacturer of aluminum
products for electrotechnical purposes by the method of non-stop
casting. The enterprise was one of the first in Ukraine certificated by
the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard. 

JSC Azmol  one of the most powerful Ukrainian enterprise of chemical
industry. Its main products are: universal, automobile, industrial,
railway and special lubricants; cooling and lubricantive liquids;
synthetic and mineral motor oils, hydraulical oils, oils for
refrigerators and special oils. Products of JSC Azmol are always in
demand not only within Ukraine and CIS-countries, but in far abroad
states as well. 

Such companies as Selena and Elegant present clothing industry of
region not only at the Ukrainian and CIS market, but they also
fruitfully cooperate with West European countries. Zaporizhzhya
manufacturers clothes for the world class quality was rewarded by the
Diploma Golden Bayda and a name The highest sample. Despite the
constant demand from the leading french, britain, german, austrian and
switzerland companies for the products of Zaporizhzhya manufacturers
joint stock companies Selena and Elegant are available for any type
of cooperation with any interested enterprise. 

JSC Brewery and non-alcoholic combinat Salvutych  is one of the
leaders of east-europian brewery and the most modern enterprise with
high level of automatization. The quality of more than ten types of
Slavutych-beer is confirmed by many national and international

The power-generating complex of Zaporizhzhya is the most powerful in
Ukraine. There were 48.521 billion kW/hour generated by the regional
power stations in 2001, that is 28,5% of the total Ukrainian power

Zaporizhzhya nuclear power station is the largest europian station
generating 6000 MW. Zaporizhzhya NPS today  is a modern highly
technological enterprise well-known all over the world. The complex of
measures that guarantee safety and pollution-free production of the
electric power is applied here. 


Zaporizhzhya region is one of the largest producers of agriculture
products and foodstuff in Ukraine. 

Area of arable lands in the region is 2 246 300 hectares that is 5,4% of
Ukrainian arable lands. 

The implementation of agrarian reform became a basis for development of
agriculture. In the region operate 331 communities, 135 agricultural
cooperative societies, 162 private (private-rental) enterprises, 2339
farms that all are privatized. Area of arable lands used by new
agricultural companies of different types is 1761400 hectares that is
78% of all lands available. The infrastructure of agrarian market is in
development. 21 agro-trading houses were created. 

Plant-growing prevails in the structure of agricultural production.
During 1996-2001 the part of plant-growing production was 58,3% while
cattle-breeding made only 41,7%. 

The central place in the structure of plant-growing now and in a
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