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Zaporizhzhya Region ()
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long-term perspective is taken by grain growing which is a basis for the
development of other agricultural branches, and especially

The main crop of Zaporizhzhya region is sunflower. In 2001 the share of
the region in total volume of sunflower production in Ukraine was 12,8%.

There are favorable conditions in all agroclimatic areas for cultivation
of vegetables and melons and gourds. 

Poultry keeping and swine-breeding are defied as the priorities in the
development of cattle breeding for the next three years. The
agricultural enterprises of all types of property increase their
livestock of pigs and poultry. 

There are 546 enterprises of foodstuff and processing industry operating
in the region. 87% of them are the enterprises, which belong to the
sphere of small-sized business and are focused on supplying of the local
demand in food products (mini-bakeries, oil mills, dairies, grit cutters
and other). 

The enterprises which are Ukrainian leaders by the output volumes are
located in Zaporizhzhya region. They are Pology oil-extracting plant,
Zaporizhzhya oil-fat mill, Zaporizhzhya meat processing factory,
Melitopol meat processing. Such enterprises as JSC Zaporizhzhya
brewery and non-alcoholic combinat Slavutych and Zaporizhzhya factory
of non-alcoholic drinks are marvelous examples of profitable investment
into the foodstuff industry and regional agriculture. 

Rural aria of Zaporizhzhya region has a well developed social
infrastructure which is presented by more than 110 hospitals, 730
institutions of primary and middle level of education as well as almost
900 libraries. 

Hence, agricultural complex of the region can be estimated as extremely
attractive for investing. The base of investment attraction is fertile
soils, inexpensive and qualified labour resources, significant
production capacities of industrial enterprises, favorable geographical
situation for exporting. 


The Zaporizhzhya region is one of the ukrainian leaders by the foreign
trade volumes. The majority of products of Zaporizhzhya industrial
leaders such as joint stock companies Zaporizhstal, Dniprospetsstal,
Zaporizhzhya productive aluminum plant, Zaporizhtransformator,
Motor Sich, Peretvoruvatch is directed to foreign markets. 

Annual volume of Zaporizhzhya region foreign trade turnover accounts
almost $2 billions. Zaporizhzhya region is definitely indicated as
export directed area, export volume of which by the results of 2001 is
two times higher than import volume. Zaporizhzhya region ranked fourth
in Ukraine by its export volume. 

More than 100 enterprises of the region maintained foreign trade
activity. Foreign trade relations were maintained with partners from
more than 100 countries all over the world. 

Ferrous metals present more than a half of export, second and third
places are divided between production of non-ferrous metallurgy and
engineering industry. 
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