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НазваZaporizhzhya Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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e divided between production of non-ferrous metallurgy and

engineering industry.


The largest volumes of goods and service export were directed to Russian

Federation, Turkey, China, Hungary, Germany and Poland.


Almost a quarter of all regional import was taken by mineral oil.

Another main item of import was machinery and theirs spare parts

presenting more than 10%.


The main suppliers were Turkmenistan, Germany, Slovakia, United States,

Byelorussia, Poland, China, Uzbekistan.


Recently commodity structure of export has being changed dynamically by

increasing of science intensive and highly technological production of

large scale processing. This process brings geographical diversification

of foreign trade. The sphere of bilateral cooperation between our region

and regions of neighboring and far abroad countries has being

dynamically developed.


The special role in international economic relations of our region is

played by Russian Federation. Geographic closeness, trade, economic and

humanitarian relations formed historically, availability of enterprises

with technically interrelated production and infrastructure make

cooperation of our region with regions of Russian Federation vitally

indispensable for both states.


During last years Agreements about trade and economic, technological and

cultural cooperation were signed with 11 regions of Russian Federation,

and further work for elaboration and realization of definite projects is

being carried out within these Agreements.


The similar Agreements were signed with Burgas (Bulgaria), Chonchin

(China), Karaganda region (Republic of Kazakhstan). Definite

negotiations are carried out concerning establishing of cooperation and

signing of the Agreements with regions of Austria, Germany, Belgium,

Poland, Uzbekistan, Azerbaydzhan and Iran.


During last year Zaporizhzhya region was visited by many representatives

of diplomatic missions and business communities of foreign countries.

There were arrangement reached concerning further development of

international relations of our region, creation of joint ventures,

foreign investment engaging to the region economy results of these



The essential contribution into development of international economic

relations of both region and definite enterprises is introduced by

direct relations of Department of foreign affairs and international

economic relations of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration with

diplomatic representatives of Ukraine and trade delegates.




Zaporizhzhya region is concerned to be one of the most attractive region

of Ukraine for investing due to its industrial potential, natural

resources, own energy resources, highly developed scientific and

technical potential, well developed transport infrastructure, developed

bank system and admittance to markets of Ukraine, CIS, Europe and Asia.


The share of Zaporizhzhya region is 6% in the total investments in

Ukraine. As for direct foreign investments the region ranks fourth in

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