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Zaporizhzhya Region ()
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ment attractiveness region is one of
the leaders and ranks sixth in Ukraine. 

The volume of direct foreign investments per head in Zaporizhzhya region
exceeds the average Ukrainian level by $36,9 and makes $121,9. World
famous consulting company Coopers & Lybrandt considers our region as
one of the most attractive for investing Ukrainian region. 

Direct foreign investments in the regional economy are presented by
$229,98 mln. 

Over 145 regional companies are invested. 

The following branches are the most investment attractive: mechanical
engineering (64,9%), foodstuff industry (9,7%), metallurgy (8,5%). 

Among companies with foreign capital the most effectively operate JSC
IVECCO-Motor Sich, one of which founders is Italian company IVECCO
(the volume of foreign investments is $8,1 mln), JSC Brewery and
non-alcoholic combinat Slavutich, which was invested by the Swedish
company Baltic Beverages Holding AB ($20,0 mln.), CJSC Zaporizhzhya
iron ore factory which was invested by the Slovakian company MINERFIN
($20,6 mln.). Korean companies Daewoo heavy industries, Ltd and
Daewoo Motor Co, LTD invested $150 mln. into JV AutoZAZ-Daewoo. 

Such fields of industry as machine building, foodstuff industry,
metallurgy, agriculture, radio and electronic production and other
high-technological branches are priorities for investing into the region


Zaporizhzhya region has a developed financial structure. There are 53
banks and bank institutions available in the region, 5 from which are
domestic regional banks. Such regional banks as  Industrialbank,
Metallurg and AutoZAZ Bank accordingly to their consolidated assets
(more than $20 mln.) are referred to the group of the Large Ukrainian
banks. A large group of regional banks (such as Metallurg,
Ukreximbank, Vabank, Munitsypalnyj, etc) have corresponding
accounts of leading europian and world banks, which confirms trust to
the financial and credit system of the region from international
partners, as well as guarantees further development of that field of

One of the world leaders of banking  financial group Reiffeisenbank
opened its branch in Zaporizhzhya region. 

In the region are available 13 local insurance companies and 50 branches
and departments. 20 of them are subsidiaries from other regions of

In addition, export credits are reinsured automatically by the leading
German, French and American companies such as: Herling, groups Skor,
Sant Paul, Erk-Frankona. Total insurance funds of the partners of
transnational insurance group Inderzhstrah exceed tens of billions of

Partner relations between leading local insurance companies and largest
insurance and reinsurance companies of Ukraine and world make it
possible to insure large property and financial risks of regional
enterprises and foreign investors. 


Development of small-sized business is the powerful additional factor,
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