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НазваZaporizhzhya Region (реферат)
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ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Development of small-sized business is the powerful additional factor,

which positively influences the growth of regional economy. Its progress

leads to the elimination of disproportions in some markets, creation of

additional workplaces and reduction of unemployment. Its development

also enforces the competition, fastens the saturation of the market with

goods and services.


During years region had formed favorable trend for development of

small-sized business.


There are 8.5 thousands of small enterprises operating in the region,

which provide 14% of all regional workplaces.


Among small-sized business enterprises with personnel up to 10 persons

prevail and make 75% of total number of small enterprises.


Their total volume of product and services in 2001 reached 5,1% of total

volume of product and services produced in the region. The production

volume growth rate is 128,8% (in current prices). In some branches the

share of small-sized enterprises in the volume of production is much



There are very few changes in branch distribution of the small-sized

enterprises: more than the half of them operate in the sphere of trade

and servicing, 15% – industry, 10,2% – construction, 3,6% – agriculture,

3,2% – transportation and communication business.


Almost 65% of all the small-sized enterprises have joint ownership, 35%

are private.


Accept for legal persons almost 62000 entrepreneurs operate in the

small-sized business. The majority of the businessmen – physical persons

– operate in the markets, the number of the businessmen, who provide

services (repairing of home appliances, custom repairing, shoe-making)

is also increasing.


During agriculture complex reforming many inhabitants which were granted

by the land lot choose farming as a form of operating. There are 2.35

thousands of farmers operating in the region.




By January 1, 2001 the number of the constant population of the region

made 1976,1 thousands people, i.e. 1510,9 thousands of townsmen, and

465,2 thousands of villagers. During previous year population decreased

by 20900 persons (urban population decreased by 15700 people and rural

population – by 5200 people).


1166.4 thousands people (59% of total population) – are in able-bodied

age, 352.4 thousands (17.8%) – are younger, 457.3 thousand (23.2%) – are

retired. 79.5% of able-bodied population are townsmen, 20.5% are



Of every one hundred of working people 60 are women, 17 – young people,

aged 16-28; 15 are retired.


In 2000 146.3 thousands people (24.6% of the workers employed in the

economy) left their workplaces for various reasons, including 9.8

thousands (1.7%) that were dismissed because of staff reduction. After

this 120.1 thousands of workers (20.2%) got jobs at other enterprises

and organizations, the rest (26.2 thousands people) became self-employed

or became unemployed.


As well as in the previous years, the high mobility of the staff is

observed mainly in industrial branches. In 2001 the process of

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