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НазваZhytomyr Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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Zhytomyr Region is an ancient, drevlyan, rich land. It streches around

Zhytomyr well-known from the times of Kyiv Rus', the city which has

celebrated its eleven century's anniversary. The land is beautiful in

any season, but especially attractive in summer when the fields are

covered with luxuriant golden ears, and flax spreads like a blue carpet.

Everywhere, as far as one can see, is charming many-coloured attire of

picturesque Polissya Nature.


But fields and woods are not the only riches of the region. Its

treasures are hidden deep in bowels of the earth. They mine here

granites, ilmenites, quarzites, marble, coal... How lovely semi-precious

stones are! One can't help admiring them.


Considerable capacities for manufacture of porcelain, linen cloth,

hoisery, flax fibre, metal-cutting machine tools, saw-timber, paper,

chemical fibre and yarns are concentrated in the region.


Under conditions of economic restructure it is not easy to set up a

business. The companies located in the region are gradually stabilizing

their work, and a half of them are increasing their production volumes.

Reforms are being successively carried through in the agricultural



The economic potential of Zhytomyr Region offers opportunities for

different kinds of business partnership.


In order to create a favourable climate for making investments the Law

of Ukraine "On Special Regime of Investment Activity in the Territories

of Preferential Development in the Zhytomyr Region" was passed on

December 3,1999. Favourable terms are provided both for a national and

foreign investor.


The publication which is suggested to your attention contains basic

information describing the region in general.




The territory occupied by the region has been inhabited since ancient

times which fact is witnessed by many archaeological relics of

paleolith. There were discovered rests of Zhytomyr settlement from the

period of early paleolith which is 100 hundred years old.


In the period of neolith (VI-III thousand B.C.) there were over 40

neolitic settlements known.


At the beginning of our era Slavic tribes inhabited already the whole

territory of the region. The group of Slavic tribes, which was the

direct ancestor of the famous from chronicles drevlyan tribe, lived to

the north from the Teteriv in the basin of the rivers Uzh and Sluch in

IV-VII centuries. Iskorosten (now Korosten) referred to in 946 was the

most ancient city and simultaneousely the sit of Princes in the drevlyan



With the formation of feudal state Kyiv Rus' the drevlyan land was one

of the first to join it. In 907 the drevlyans participated in the

victorious campaign against Bysantie spearheaded by Kyiv Prince Oleg.


At the end of the Xlll-th and the beginning of the XlV-th century the

territories of the region were joined to Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

According to the Union of Liublin 1569 which made official the union of

Lithuanian Principality and Poland into a federative state, the

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