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НазваZhytomyr Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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bynskyi and Oleksandr Kuprin,
playwright Ivan Kocherha, and film director Oleksandr Dovzhenko,
composers Viktor Kosenko and Mykhailo Skorulskyi, outstanding Ukrainian
poet, translator, public figure Borys Ten lived and worked here. 


The region is rich in natural resources. Mineral and raw material
potential is represented by ornamental stones, marble, semi precious
stones, raw materials available for the metallurgy and construction
industry, limestone, brown coal, peat. Prospected are deposits of acid
kaolines, their volume and amount give a possibility to produce up to
0,5 mln. ton of field spar concentrate annually. 

There are deposits of construction sands, schist, ceramic clay, and
other kinds of mineral resources for construction industry. Significant
manufacturing capacities have been established on its basis. Deposits of
ornamental stones (labradorite, granite, gabbro) which are always in
demand in the country and abroad are practically unlimited. Prospected
deposits of labradorites and gabbro in the region stand for 86% of the
stock in Ukraine. This fact determines the necessity to speed up the
development of stone mining and stone working industry. 

Prospective is the deposit of marble which has a marvelous pattern, and
takes a good polish. This is an excellent raw material for production of
facing tile, marble aggregate, brine magnium oxides for metallurgy,
various kinds of fluxes and fillers, and mineral fertilizers. 

Semi-precious stones – beryl, topaz, quartz are mined and processed on
the territory of the region for further jewelry manufacturing.
Piezoelectric quartz crystal, which is indispensable in modern
electronics has wide application in industry. There are also deposits of
high quality pyrophyllites. Zhytomyr Region meets the requirements of
Ukraine in titanum concentrate, and ships it abroad as well. 

In the ore mine apart from the titanium ilmenite there are rare-earth
elements: vanadium, scandium, hafnium, thorium which are in great demand
at the world market. Most of the ilmenite deposits have apatites. Stock
of apatites in the region makes up over 85% of all prospected deposits
of Ukraine. 

Unique is the quartzite deposit. It contains about 89% of the country's
quartzite reserves. These raw materials are used for lining blast
furnaces and preparation of ferroalloys. 

The region takes the second place in Ukraine in respect of forest
resources. Woodland covers almost 1 /3 of the region territory.
Dominating are the coniferous sorts of trees 60%, hard-leaf (oak) and
soft-leaf trees (birch, alder, aspen) 20%. General stock of timber
stands for over 120 mln. m3. Total average increase is 2,6 mln. m3
annually. The most wooded territories are Ovruch and Olevsk Districts,
where woods cover over 60%. 

Diverse is the animal kingdom of the region. Woods are inhabited by
elks, deer, wild swine, goats, foxes, hares, squirrels, martens,
beavers; from birds – wild ducks, partridges, blackcocks, hazel grouses,
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