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Zhytomyr Region ()
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pheasants and wood-grouses. In pools pikes, perches, catflshes, crucians

etc. are to be found.




The region has 23 districts; 4 cities of regional subordination:

Zhytomyr, Berdychiv, Korosten, Novohrad-Volynskyi; 5 cities of district

subordination: Andrushivka, Korosten, Malyn, Ovruch, Radomyshl; 45

settlements of urban type; 1631 villages.


The population of the region is 1374,2 thous. people, including city

inhabitants 769,3 thous, people (56%), and village inhabitants 604,9

thous. people (44%). The density of population (person per 1 km2) is

45,9. The most densely populated are the cities of regional

subordination: Zhytomyr 282,3; Berdychiv 86,2; Korosten 66,5;

Novohrad-Volynskyi 55,9 thous. people. The cities of district

subordination have: Andrushivka 12,8; Korostyshiv 25,9; Malyn

31,9; Ovruch 19,6; Radomyshl 16,3 thous. people.


The most populated districts are: Zhytomyr 68,2; Ovruch 66,9;

Novohrad-Volynskyi 51,8; Malyn 51,7 thous. people. The least number

of people is in the following districts: Narodychi 10,9; Brusyliv

17,9; Luhyny 20.4 thous. people.




Many-branch industry has been formed on the territory of the region.

Zhytomyr Region is Ukraine's leader in manufacture of some kinds of

products. In particular the region produces 45% of porcelain and faience

utensils, 24% of linen cloth, 39% of hosiery, 13% of lumber, 23% of

footwear, 12% of natural stone facing products. Major branches are: food

industry, which makes up 39% of the total volume of industrial

production, machine-building and metal working 11%, extractive

industry 10%, manufacturing of non-metal mineral products 11%, light

industry 6%, wood processing industry and wood-pulp and paper industry



The largest companies in the realm of machine-building and metal-working

are: JSC "PROGRES" in Berdychiv, Korosten plants "Khimmash", "Zavod

Shlyakhovykh Mashyn" (roadbuilding machines works),

"Novohrad-Volynsksilmash", JSC "Prozhektor", Ovruch JSC

"Pryladobudivnyk". The staple items of machine-building and

metal-working are metal and wood processing lathes, equipment for

chemical industry, machines and equipment for livestock breeding and

fodder production, road-building machines and equipment, devices and

means of automation, cryogenic equipment, electrotechnical devices,

technological equipment for processing branches of agricultural complex.



Food industry is represented by 120 companies of baking, confectionery,

brewery and soft drinks, dairy and meat, sugar, flour, distillery

industry. There are 6 sugar-mills working in the region in Andrushivka,

Popilnya, and Chudniv Districts, 4 alcohol producing factories, and the

Zhytomyr distillery has already celebrated its 107th anniversary.


The leading companies in this realm are: JSC Zhytomyrskyi Maslozavod

(butter factory), JSC Zhytomyrski Lasoshchi (confectionery factory),

JSC Berdychiv Pyvzavod (beer factory), JSC Berdychiv Kholod, JSC

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