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Zhytomyr Region ()
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er factory), JSC Berdychiv Kholod, JSC
Molochnyk, JSC Favoryt, JSC Ovruchskyi Molochno-Konservnyi
Kombinat (integrated milk cannery), JSC Novohrad-Volynskyi
Myasokombinat (meat-packing plant). 

The region produces near 9% of the total volume of butter and cheese,
and dairy products, more than 3% of confectionery items in Ukraine. 

Light industry is represented in main by companies of clothes, footwear
and knitted-wear branches. The leading companies of the industry are:
JSC Korosten firm Arsania, JSC Berdychiv Clothes Factory,
Novohrad-Volynskyi VFK Lesya, which manufacture men's, women's
clothes; Zhytomyr JSC Krok and Berdychiv JV Ryf-1, which manufacture
men's, women's and children's footwear; Znytomyr JSC Ukraina and
Berdychiv JSC Knitted-wear Factory engaged in production of socks,
stockings, mittens and knitwear. 

Companies of forest, wood-pulp and paper, and wood processing industry
produce furniture, joinery products, paper, board, timber, etc. The
leading companies are: State Forestry Association Zhytomyrlis, which
includes 11 state forestries, JSC Zhytomyrderev, JSC Berdychivmebli,
collective company Klasum, JSC Malynska Paperova Fabryka (paper

Glass and porcelain-faience industry is represented by 10 companies.
They produce porcelain-faience utensils, mirrors, glass tare. The branch
engages over 10 thous. employees or 12% of the total number of the
employed in industry. The oldest company is the collective company
Baranivskvi Porcelain Works, which was founded by the French
businessman M. Mezer in 1802, and in 1815 the Russian Government granted
the owner with the right to stamp items produced at the works with the
state emblem. Porcelain works in Korosten and Dovbysh have been working
since 1823 and 1903 respectively. Large are such companies as collective
company Horodnytskyi Farfor (porcelain works), JSC Biomedsklo. 

Construction industry numbers over 60 companies and associations. Among
them there is a preferential amount of crushed-stone opencasts, stone
crushing works, which are located basically in Korosten, Ovruch,
Novohrad-Volynskyi, Chernyakhiv, Malyn, Olevsk, Volodarsk-Volynskyi,
Popilnya, Zhytomyr Districts. 

The main companies in production of reinforced concrete items are: JSC
Zhytomyr Factory of Building Materials, production association
Ahrobudindustria, branch company Buddetal, KF Zhytomyrinvest-JSC. 

Chemical industry manufactures chemical fibers and yarns, ware of
plastic and lacquer-paint production. Significant volumes of production
in the branch are obtained at JSC Korosten Works Yantar and
Liktravy (medicinal herbs), JV Zhytomyr-Polisaks. 

Zhytomyr Region has well-developed many-branch agricultural production.
The share of the agricultural sector in gross additional cost of the
region is 29%. Alongside with cultivation of crops and leguminous
plants, sugar-beet, potatoes, vegetables and production of milk, meat
and eggs, the region occupies a leading place among other areas of
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