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НазваZhytomyr Region (реферат)
РозділІноземна мова, реферати англійською, німецькою
ФорматWord Doc
Тип документуРеферат
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eading place among other areas of

Ukraine in cultivation of hop (74% of country volumes) and flax-fabel



The significant share of mowing lands and pastures in structure lands of

the region (22,4%) allows to develop the branch of live-stock farming.

The region has 500 thous. heads of large horned cattle (52% of country



There are 721 agricultural enterprises, 7,2 thous. farms and 340 thous.

private part-time farms engaged in production of agricultural products.

Farm land occupies 1599,8 thous. hectares including 1076,3 thous.

hectares of arable land.


Plant and stock-breeders of Zhytomyr Region have been actively working

at creation of highly productive sorts of plants and breed of stock. The

effeciency of their work has been proved in the number of agricultural

enterprises, particularly in agricultural firm “Yerchyky”, JSC

“Kolodyanskyi Bekon” and others. They get about 70 centners of grain per

hectare, 700 centners of sugar-beet per hectare and 8 thous. kg of milk

per cow, 400 g of weight increase per swine.




In 2002 the positive tendency of increase of investments into the

regional economy was consolidated. The amount of investments increased

5,2% as for the year before and came to 345 million UHR. Basic funds in

the amount of 291,9 million UHR have been carried into effect. The basic

source of the investments was means of the economic subjects – 67,0% of

total amount. Gradually foreign investors have got more active. During

the year over 19 million USD of direct investments were attracted into

the economy, that is 2,8 times more than the year before. To January

1,2003 the total capital of non-residents came to 58,2 million USD – it

is 42 USD per person if calculated for every inhabitant of the region.

There are 130 foreign capital based enterprises in the region. The most

attractive realms for foreign investors are food industry, extractive

industry, wood processing industry, wood-pulp and paper industry and

chemical industry. Investments into agricultural production and

hotel-restaurant bussines have also increased.


Foreign trade activity was carried out in the region by economic units

with the partners from 88 world's countries. The close relations were

maintained with countries of CIS and Baltic Region. Companies of the

region have quite good relations with the partners from Italy, Germany,

USA and Czechia. Volume of foreign trade makes more than 422,6 million

USD, including export 176,6 million USD and import – 246 million USD. In

export deliveries the major part is textile clothes, mineral products,

wood and articles from it, paper and board, agricultural products and

footwear. Mineral fuel, oil and the products of its refining, photo and

medical devices and instruments, machines, equipments make basis of

import income in the region.


Institutional reorganization. Since 1992 – the beginning of

denationalization and privatization, about 2107 units have changed the

form of ownership, from them being 939 units of state and 1168 – of

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